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Top 3 Cutest Final Fantasy 14 Minions

Top 3 Cutest Final Fantasy 14 Minions

    Last Updated on May 25, 2023

Final Fantasy 14 has captured the hearts of millions over the years of its existence and tight grip over the MMO space thanks to its truly engaging stories, vast open world, and charming characters. One of the most popular features of the game is its collection of minions, which are most of the time small, adorable creatures that can be summoned by players. While the FF series is no stranger to cuddly characters, this particular title features hundreds of them, all with their unique appearances and personality. 

After going over the best Final Fantasy 14 minions to keep as pets (refer to our other article by following the link provided), let us now focus more on what really matters, their cuteness. Here is what we believe are the top 3 cutest Final Fantasy 14 minions.

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Top 3: Tora-Jiro

Final Fantasy 14 Minions Tora-Jiro

May it be real life or gaming, cats will never ever be not cute. We bet that one look at the Tora-Jiro minion and you’d already feel your heart flutter with joy! This adorable little tiger cub is a fan favorite and it is certainly easy to know why. It has big, round, innocent eyes mixed in with a playful personality. And if that isn’t cute, we don’t know what is!

The designers behind the Final Fantasy 14 minions definitely outdid themselves with this one. Tora-Jiro is so adorably cute that you’d almost feel bad summoning a different minion other than this little guy. In fact, you’d also maybe find it hard to take him into the battle itself!

Tora-Jiro can be obtained by completing the quest “Tora-Jiro’s Story” in the Ruby Sea. After that, you can purchase this minion for 800 Centurio Seals in Rhalgr’s Reach. It has a precious idle animation/pet emote in which it would try to pounce on the shadows it sees on the ground. Believe us, witnessing it with your very eyes could melt you.

Top 2: Fat Cat

Final Fantasy 14 Minions Fat Cat

Yet another cat on this list! As much as we want to feature another species in our list, we just can’t have the top cutest Final Fantasy 14 minions without mentioning the fan-favorite Fat Cat. After all, it is the original cute minion of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn game. Before Tora-Jiro or anything else, Fat Cat was the players’ darling and to some, it remains that way to this day.

While the Fat Cat was a highly sought-after minion back in the early days of the game, it is now fairly common to see it. That said, its prevalence does not take away anything from its overall appeal, and, of course, cuteness. As a matter of fact, the Fat Cat is so popular with Final Fantasy 14 players that there is now a mount version of this lovely, large cat running around on the map.

You can get a Fat cat of your own by participating in various high-level Fisher ventures (level 50-80). Much like the Tora-Jiro, the Fat Cat minion will melt you with its idle animation in which it lazily flops over from one side to another.

Top 1: Odder Otter

Final Fantasy 14 Minions Odder Otter

We just cannot give the nod for the cutest Final Fantasy 14 minion other than that of the Odder Otter. In fact, it is also our overall best Final Fantasy 14 minion just because of how insanely cute it is. This flurry little creature has captivated us and a few million more with its huggable exterior paired with a very adorable hat and pretty lantern. 

The Odder Otter is a great addition to any collection and is sure to bring a smile to your face. It is also known for its funny animations. This includes putting its hat away to sniff around and then putting it back. This popular minion can be bought from the Market Board for an affordable sum. Alternatively, you can also get the Odder Otter by completing the retainer’s ventures. 

Show the Odder Otter to anyone (even non-Final Fantasy 14 players) and chances are they’d say: “How cute!” That is how universally lovable this otter creature is. We honestly believe it should be on top of any cutest Final Fantasy 14 minions list. It’s certainly ours.

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