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Top 3 Choices Matter Games You Have to Try

Top 3 Choices Matter Games You Have to Try

    Last Updated on March 19, 2023

Choices matter games (CMGs) leave many gamers doubting their sanity. However, it doesn’t stop them from enjoying the gravity of making decisions. After all, how can you feel the weight of your decisions if there are no consequences?

Personally, these types of games interest many gamers worldwide. Not only for feeling that their actions have consequences but also for role-playing. After all, you can ask yourself what your character would do inside the game.

What are Choices Matter Games?

CMGs are games that emphasize decision-making while playing a character. Its goal is to make players choose how the story ends and which narrative they will take. However, once you decide on what to do, you can no longer go back to it. Or maybe you can?

After all, some choices matter games allow you to save before making a decision. You can always reload your saved file to make a different choice leading to varying narratives. However, I also don’t recommend doing that because it may ruin your experience.

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Detroit: Become Human

Image of Detroit: Become Human Choices Matter Games

Detroit: Become Human is one of the best examples of a choices matter game. It also brings a story-rich narrative that actively targets your moral compass as a player. After all, you get to play as Androids that look like humans while making decisions that could shape their future.

However, the interesting parts don’t stop there. You also play as different Androids, each with their own stories. Overall, Detroit: Become Human is a great CMG that you must play. You can also check out this game review on our website.

The Walking Dead Series

Image of the Walking Dead Choices Matter Games

If we want to choose a traditional CMG for our list, the Walking Dead should be the top choice. Developed by Telltale Games, the Walking Dead introduces different ways to question your morality.

It also asks you questions that need answers from you as a player. Are you a leader who goes back on their word? Do you stick to your promises? The Walking Dead series by Telltale Games is a true wonder in the age of CMGs.

After all, your decisions also carry over to the next part of the franchise. If you saved your game on the cloud, the choices you made in Game 1 show up for Game 2. It’s quite a unique way to introduce choices matter games.


Image of Dishonored

The Dishonored franchise has a more subtle way of introducing its choices. Your decisions in Dishonored affect the ending you obtain. However, these choices are more a matter of killing your opponents or knocking them out.

If you decide to kill your enemies, you get a more gruesome and dark ending. It’s also why you should have multiple playthroughs if you want to get the ending you desire. Although the decisions are subtle, it does focus the questions on your morality.

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