Top 3 Best Team Compositions in VALORANT

Top 3 Best Team Compositions in VALORANT

    Last Updated on January 9, 2023

To the ones who grind hard in the VALORANT Competitive ladder, you guys know how vital Team Compositions are. Despite VALORANT being an FPS game, there are still things like team composition you have to worry about. 

VALORANT is still a 5v5 team game, no matter how skilled you are. You still have to rely on your teammates. Teamwork makes the dream work, especially if you have the right team composition for your play style. 

There are compositions that best fit every play style a player might have. Creating effective teams depends on the players the teams have. The composition should highlight the strengths of each one of you. 

Now that all of that is done and dusted, let us move on to the Top 3 Best Team Compositions in VALORANT. 


1. Double Initiator with a Duelist

This team composition highlights the strength of the play style that emphasizes the importance of offense. If your play style is ultra-aggressive rushing headlong into enemy territory and wishing for the best, this team composition is for you. 

Having two initiators on the team streamlines your engagements with the enemy. Initiators are known as information specialists. Information is the key factor in winning most of your duels. How can you lose if you know where the enemies are? 

Having two initiators enables the duelist to go wild and be explosive with ample backup from the team. If played properly, you can easily slice and dice the defense of every enemy who attempts to get in your way. 

You can think of this team composition as a spear, with the duelist playing the role of the tip of that spear. A great example of this team composition is having Sova or Kay/o, Breach or Fade, a Duelist, Controller, and a Sentinel. 

2. Double Sentinel

The first team composition focuses on offense and acts as a sharp spear, this composition exemplifies a fortified shield. This is played best when your team has a predominantly passive play style. While this may not be the flashiest, it does have its merits.

Facing up against an ultra-defensive team is annoying to play against. If you play this team composition, your enemies will surely think twice or thrice before entering a site. 

If your team is a fan of locking down sites and punishing enemies rushing in without thinking, this is best for you. Act like a shield that does not faze under enemy aggression. An example of this composition is having Chamber, Killjoy/Cypher, a Duelist, a Controller, and an Initiator. 

3. No Duelist Lineup

A no-duelist lineup showed up multiple times in the last VCT tournaments. If the professional players think that this is a good composition, then why not join the hype? 

While it may sound absurd, this Team Composition does have its merits. It is a fairly balanced lineup that can employ differing play styles. Your imagination is the limit for this team composition.

Its flexibility might be the strong suit of this composition. Additionally, the removal of the duelist in the lineup allows you to have an additional utility agent. I recommend this lineup to those who have a five-man team that has a lot of chemistry with one another.

You can employ a double initiator and a double sentinel lineup in this composition with a controller that fills out the team. 

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