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Top 3 Addictive Mobile Games in 2023

Top 3 Addictive Mobile Games in 2023

    Last Updated on February 21, 2023

The most addictive mobile games involve tons of content and replayability. However, is that all it takes to make a mobile game addictive? The answer is: not exactly. It gets split into three factors: pacing, competitiveness, and genre.

Sometimes a faster pace can give the game an edge over the competition. It could also be the intense competition that drives players to keep going. However, we’ll only be showing you the top three addictive mobile games in 2023.

Genshin Impact

Image of Genshin Impact Characters

Let’s face it. Genshin Impact is still one of the most addictive mobile games since 2020. Although it’s not exclusively for mobile gaming, most of its players are on handheld devices. What also attracts these players is the incredible story-rich gameplay and detailed animations.

However, the overall pace of Genshin Impact is what makes the players stay. You can take your time exploring the vast open world. Even more, you can also choose when you want to do your daily quests or main story quests.

It’s also a mix of genres from MMORPG to Single-Player Adventure, allowing players to experience variety. Now, with the Trading Card Game Update, Genshin evolved into a somewhat competitive mobile game.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Image of Call of Duty: Mobile

While we’re on the topic of competitive mobile games, Call of Duty: Mobile deserves attention. It is one of the best mobile First-Person Shooter games since 2019. Although it has other game modes, gamers know its main genre as a Battle Royale.

The competitiveness of Call of Duty: Mobile is intense, exploring possibilities in the esports industry. Players love the fast-paced gameplay, which also allows them to exercise critical thinking in high-stress situations.

However, its other game modes also allow players to have a more laid-back experience. You can even have a more leisure-like game with tons of laughs alongside your friends.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Image of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Another mobile game prided for its competitive gameplay is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). It’s also one of the oldest Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) released for mobile phones.

With a mixture of fast and slow-paced gameplay, MLBB dominates the industry. However, it only sticks to one genre, but Moontoon makes it work with new meta changes. Even more, it draws most of its players from PC gamers who want to play MOBAs in bed.

It’s one of the more addictive games that you also have to look out for in the industry. They produce tons of content and skins that you can purchase in the game.

Special Mention: Clash of Clans

Image of Clash of Clans as one of the Addictive Mobile Games

We can’t make a list of addictive mobile games without mentioning the OG. Clash of Clans started in 2012-2013, and gamers still play it today. With a decade’s worth of content, any new gamer instantly falls in love.

Veterans often feel a sense of nostalgia due to its slow-paced gameplay. However, no one denies the players’ competitive spirit once it comes down to Clan Wars. Clash of Clans is a real-time strategy game that took mobile gamers by surprise.

So, that’s our list of the most addictive mobile games in the industry. With the fast-paced growth of competitive mobile gaming, we’re bound to see more in 2023. Follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest esports and gaming news.

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