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Top 10 Comic Relief Characters in Video Games

Top 10 Comic Relief Characters in Video Games

    Last Updated on April 21, 2023

Seeing as humor is an integral part of any effective media, it is not surprising to see several comic relief characters appear in video games as well. Such characters are deemed to be so integral that they can be found in any video game. May it be FPS, JRPG, or Survival; no matter what the genre of your game is. Chances are, there would be at least one character created solely for comic relief.  

The gaming space has seen its share of knee-slapping, funny characters. In this article, we aim to shine the spotlight on 10 comic relief characters that made us chuckle the hardest. These guys are so funny, they became iconic in their own right.

Duke Nukem – Duke Nukem Series

Duke Nukem

Those that grew up in the 90s should at least be familiar with Duke Nukem. If the movies have Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone; the gaming space has the Duke. Much like the two Hollywood superstars mentioned, Duke Nukem is a poster character for the late 80s macho-action movies. 

However, what separated him from the pack is his iconic sense of humor. He quips up effective one-liners left-and-right and is hilariously crude. That said, his jokes may not be suitable for today’s time anymore as many could find his humor sophomoric and ultimately misogynistic.

Deadpool – Deadpool/Marvel Games

Comic Relief Characters Deadpool from Marvel Games

Deadpool is among the funniest characters ever made. Wherever he ends up, he steals the spotlight because of how hilarious everything he says or does are. And with Deadpool now also officially a part of the gaming industry, thanks to his own game and other Marvel properties, it is no surprise to find him among the best comic relief video game characters ever. 

Any fans of the character know exactly how outrageous, over-the-top, and funny Deadpool can be. He constantly breaks the fourth wall, references pop culture, and disrupt every convention. Deadpool is chaos personified and everything he does just comes out funny, at least for us.

Face McShooty – Borderlands 2

Face Mcshooty from Borderlands

Face McShooty, most-known as the ‘shoot me in the face guy,’ got stuck in gamers’ minds because of how outrageous and downright silly the quest that revolves around him is. You cannot help but let out a huge chuckle the first time you meet him (we certainly did). 

He goes around screaming for somebody to shoot him directly in the face. That is practically it. There is no twist or anything. Lucky for him, you are eager to oblige. Shoot him once in the face and that’s done. That said, Face McShooty tickled our funny bones.

Handsome Jack – Borderlands 2

Image of Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2

Here comes yet another threatening, hilarious character. Handsome Jack is Borderlands 2’s main antagonist but is also perhaps its most popular. Every scene with him brings an air of menace supplemented with excellent humor. Truly, the feelings you get out of this guy are complicated. 

You certainly want to hate him (heck, he is the main enemy), but you cannot help but love him because of how wacky he is. Handsome Jack is so convinced that he is the hero of the story that everything he does just comes out funny even though he is sadistic and ruthless.

Claptrap – Borderlands 2

Comic Relief Characters Clap Trap

Swear, this is the last character in Borderlands 2 that will be featured in this list! But what can we do, the humor of the series is just superb, especially the second mainline game. Claptrap competes with Handsome Jack as arguably the most popular character in the whole Borderlands franchise.

This small robot stuck with us because of how obnoxious and over-enthusiastic he is. Claptrap is that guy who constantly hypes himself up but immediately crumbles when put under pressure. While some may find him annoying, he found his humor very effective, and we certainly fell for him because of it.

The Great Mighty Poo – Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Comic Relief Characters The Great Mighty Poo

Conker’s Bad Fur Day undoubtedly caught several gamers off guard because of this smelly guy. After all, who could ever expect to see a large mountain of poo in a simple-looking platforming game? What’s more, to then start singing operatically about the fact that he is indeed one giant pile of waste! 

The Great Mighty Poo is truly among the industry’s strangest and funniest characters. You only have to watch a clip of his song on YouTube to fully understand why. Damn! Now we’ll be stuck with that silly song in our heads for the whole day once again.

Johnny Cage – Mortal Kombat Franchise

Comic Relief Characters Johnny Cage Mortal Kombat

You wouldn’t necessarily think for the gory and full-of-violence Mortal Kombat franchise to have a comic relief fighter. However, Johnny Cage is just that. This arrogant movie star moves like a worthy challenger but is also someone you wouldn’t take seriously off the bat. He quips up one-liners and hilarious jokes as effectively as he throws his punches. Moreover, his moves are also devastatingly funny. Look no further than his split-ball punch.

Dan Hibiki – Street Fighter Series

Dan Hibiki from Street Fighter

Fighting games allot a slot or two for joke characters. Instead of giving them devastatingly cool moves, developers give ‘joke fighters’ hilarious attacks. Sometimes, they don’t even care if it’s ineffective or not. They just want to put something fun out there. Dan Hibiki of the Street Fighter series is the perfect example of such.

His moves all have a side of humor in them. It has since become a practice for somebody to pick Dan to purposefully humiliate the opposing player. After all, what can be more humiliating than to lose to a fighting game character that is specifically intended to be rubbish? Nevertheless, Dan stands as one of the funniest video game characters ever because of how self-serious he is. The more you look at him and the things he does, the funnier he tends to be.

Sans – Undertale

Comic Relief Characters Sans from Undertale

Sans of Undertale seemingly has puns for any situation. And weirdly enough, it doesn’t get tiring. Apart from his now-iconic look and one-liners, Sans captured the hearts of millions because of how hilarious he can get. Sans gets a chuckle out of us on just about every scene he is a part of. Truly, you only have to play the cult-classic RPG title Undertale to fully get how the self-professed pun-master managed to penetrate pop culture itself.

Glados – Portal Series

Comic Relief Characters Glados from Portal

The portal series managed to make solving puzzles fun and ultimately memorable. This is largely thanks to everyone’s favorite sadistic, amoral, but truly humorous AI, Glados. Even though she spends most of the time making your life miserable or trying to kill you, we cannot help but fall for her. 

Her insults, lies, and quips are so creative and can come out of the blue that you’d sometimes find yourself focusing more on her rather than the puzzles themselves! Add to that her iconic ending credits song which is very hilarious on its own. All these combined put Glados not just among the best comic relief characters ever but also among the most iconic.

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