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Top 10 Best Guns in Borderlands 3

Top 10 Best Guns in Borderlands 3

    Last Updated on May 30, 2023

Borderlands 3 is a looter shooter game that has a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Some of these weapons are more powerful than others, and some are better suited for certain playstyles. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 best guns in Borderlands 3 and how you can get your hands on them. Strap yourselves in. This will be a doozy.

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10. Backburner

Best Guns in Borderlands 3 Backburner

The Backburner rocket launcher has quickly become a fan-favorite legendary gun, especially for Zane players. Not only does it look awesome, but it also deals massive damage. It can tear apart enemies effortlessly. Furthermore, the singularity effect of the energy balls it puffs out causes multiple other projectiles to spawn out where it impacts to deal even more splash damage. However, take note that it can also deal friendly-fire damage, so be careful using it.

You can obtain this legendary rocket launcher from the Agonizer 9000 boss while playing on Mayhem level 6 difficulty or above.

9. Plasma Coil

Best Guns in Borderlands 3 Plasma Coil

Much like the previous entry, the Maliwan SMG Plasma Coil did not take long to make its mark as one of the best guns in Borderlands 3. This weapon shoots out 16 bullet shots before pausing. While it may sound like it has an awful fire rate, this gun shoots extremely fast. Better yet, every bullet hits hard. So hard, that you can kill enemies easily using only a single burst.

The Maliwan SMG is also great for dealing with shields and crowd control.

You can get the Maliwan SMG Plasma Coil in the Arms Race game mode in the Designer’s Cut DLC.

8. Sand Hawk

Best Guns in Borderlands 3 Sand Hawk

The Sand Hawk sniper rifle can shred opponents effortlessly. That said, it can consume ammo really fast, eating up three of it per shot. On top of that, the bullet speed that it fires can also be a bit faster However, all these downsides do not equate to the greatness it can provide. The Sand Hawk legendary gun is a rare sniper rifle that is useful for both boss fights and crowd control. Interestingly, this gun works best at close range despite being a sniper.

You can get the Sand Hawk sniper rifle from the Katagawa Jr. boss while playing on Mayhem level 6 difficulty or above.

7. Flipper

Best Guns in Borderlands 3 Flipper

Apart from being a strong weapon and one of the best guns in Borderlands 3, the Flipper also has an interesting gimmick that can be a lot of fun. When firing this gun, it starts shooting out 1 bullet only, but as you keep holding down the trigger the number of projectiles starts to increase. And even though the amount of projectiles this gun pumps out continues to increase, the amount of ammo it consumes stays the same. This means you are essentially firing dozens for the price of 1. If that isn’t enough for you, know that each projectile packs a punch.

You can obtain this legendary Maliwan SMG from the respawning mini-boss Minosaur in Bounty of Blood DLC’s Bloodsun Canyon.

6. Monarch

Best Guns in Borderlands 3 Monarch

Like the Flipper, the Monarch also has an interesting gimmick to it that stands out from the hundreds of guns available at your disposal in Borderlands 3. While being an assault rifle, the Monarch shoots like a shotgun. Basically, you are getting a shotgun that fires as rapidly as an assault rifle using this gun. That alone should already convince you that it is one of the best guns in Borderlands 3. However, take note that it also has two fire modes that you can fully take advantage of.

You can get the Monarch from the mini-boss Killavolt found in Lectra City on Mayhem level 6 difficulty or above.

5. Convergence

Best Guns in Borderlands 3 Convergence

Next is a shotgun that pairs very well with any Vault Haunter you choose, the Convergence. This is what we believe is the ultimate crowd control gun as it can take down multiple enemies really fast, and effortlessly at that. The additional projectiles that shower the targets hit by the Convergence cause more damage than you realize. It is a straightforward legendary shotgun that is best used to take down hordes of weak enemies.

You can obtain the Convergence from any source in Borderlands 3’s fourth DLC: Psycho Krieg and Fantastic Fustercluck.

4. Torrent


Avid fans of the Borderlands franchise should immediately recognize the Torrent. This legendary SMG returns even better than before! Although this gun only comes in three elemental variants: corrosive, radiation, and fire, it will always do shock damage every 10th bullet. This means that you are constantly dealing out two elemental damages using the Torrent, and only a few can lay claim to that. Furthermore, the Torrent can also switch between automatic and burst fire modes on the fly.

You can get the Torrent from the Arms Race game mode in the Designer’s Cut DLC.

3. Light Show

Light Show

The Light Show, true to its name, fires multiple projectiles that travel in a circular pattern, essentially making a light show. That said, every projectile it fires out can shred through enemies. Some even brand the Light Show as the pistol version of the Monarch for how well it deals with enemies. Moreover, the Light Show can come in any element, ensuring that it will have a place in any player builds. All of these make the Light Show one of the best guns in Borderlands 3.

You can get the Light Show pistol from the Bounty of Blood DLC’s Lasodactyl, which can be found in the Obsidian Forest.

2. Free Radical

Free Radical

The legendary Maliwan pistol Free Radical always comes in the shock element, making it the best gun in Borderlands 3 to take out shields. This gun summons secondary homing projectiles to the target it hits. That said, they are often not necessary as you can already take down enemies using the gun’s original projectiles alone. Basically speaking, the Free Radical is an upgraded version of the Queen’s Call pistol, and every Borderlands 3 player should know how impressive that is.

You can obtain the Free Radical from the Beef Plisskon in Karass Canyon, which is exclusive to the Director’s Cut DLC.

1. Atlas Replay

Atlas Replay

There is no other way of saying it, but the Atlas Replay is the best gun for any character. On top of that, it is also one of the rare Atlas weapons that have a very advantageous secondary fire mode. In this case, it shoots out tracker darts that home in on enemies, giving up their position even behind walls. Furthermore, the more enemies hit by the tracker dards, the faster the fire rate of Atlas Replay. All these combined, make Atlas Replay the most effective gun in the game, if not, the most fun to use.

You can get the best gun in Borderlands 3 from a respawning raid boss from The Seer or the Director’s Cut DLC, Hemovorous the Invincible.

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