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These Pokemon Secrets Will Change Your Life!

These Pokemon Secrets Will Change Your Life!

    Last Updated on May 15, 2023

The Pokemon Universe is filled to the brim with mystical creatures, lore, and Pokemon Secrets. A world is not worth exploring if there are no mysteries to uncover. Thankfully, Game Freak made sure that the pokemon games have some secrets to them. Although, some of the entries in this list are due to programming errors leading to glitches.

Since you are already interested in the topic, let us dive deeper into the realm of the Top Pokemon Secrets to ever grace the franchise


Due to a programming error, MissingNo. is now one of the most popular secrets of the Pokemon Franchise. The designers made a crucial error when creating the video game map in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. The 1-square-wide strip of water on the right side of Cinnabar and Seafoam Islands was programmed to be a place where wild Pokemon can appear.

However, they forgot to define which Pokémon can appear there. This led to the creation of MissingNo. If you catch this glitched Pokemon, it may distort in-game graphics, leading to a game crash or corruption of the save file. This glitch also requires you to do the Old Man Glitch.

The Pokédex 000 Item Duplication Glitch

The Pokédex 000 item duplication glitch is a popular glitch in Generation I games. This glitch became popular because allows the player to duplicate items in their Bag by encountering any glitch Pokémon with a Pokédex number of 000. In this case, the glitch Pokemon in question is MissingNo. This glitch is also known as the Rare Candy cheat, because who doesn’t want unlimited Rare Candies?

To perform the item duplication glitch, you must either capture, defeat, or run away from MissingNo. After the battle, you should view the items in your bag. If done correctly, the game should show a glitch character followed by a standard number. This glitch character represents a place value of 10 or above. If the amount of the item in question is already 128 or more, this glitch will not work.

The Mew Glitch

The Mew glitch works by exploiting a separate glitch called the Trainer-Fly glitch. The Trainer-Fly glitch is caused by encountering a Trainer that can battle the player at any point in the Trainer’s line of sight and escape from them. Before the battle starts, the player can still bring up the start menu. If the player uses Fly, then the player will be spotted by the Trainer before the player flies away from them.

The player must then battle a Trainer afterward. For the Mew Glitch, there is a reason why Mew appears at the end. This is based on the relationship between its index number and the Special stat of the Pokémon last battled. The Youngster’s level 17 Slowpoke and the Swimmer’s level 16 Shellder have a Special stat of 21. This enables you to encounter Mew.

The Underground

The Underground is a popular location in the Generation IV games. You can travel to The Underground at any time using an Explorer Kit. You can receive the Explorer from the Underground Man in Eterna City. The reason why it is popular is due to the area yielding beneficial items to trainers, secret bases, and special vendors.

One of the main attractions of the Underground is the mining minigame. To mine, the player must find a spot where the wall ‘pings’ by touching the screen and looking for sparkles. You can get several items from mining such as fossils, revives, heart scales, etc.

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