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The Worst Tekken Characters to Ever Exist

The Worst Tekken Characters to Ever Exist

    Last Updated on June 2, 2023

The Tekken fighting game series is popular for its large and diverse roster of characters. Not only do they look stylistically different from one another, but they also have their own unique fighting styles and personalities. However, not all Tekken characters are equal. Some characters are simply better than others, and some are downright terrible. In this article, we will take a look at the worst Tekken characters to ever exist.


Worst Tekken Characters in Tekken Games Mokujin

Mokujin is a wooden dummy that can mimic the fighting style of any other character in the game. This may seem like a neat gimmick, but it actually makes Mokujin a very weak character. He has no real strengths of his own, and experienced players can easily exploit him whenever they want. His appearance in the Tekken franchise after Tekken 3 became rightfully sporadic. Simply put, Mokujin just appears as a meme at this point.

On top of that, who the hell would choose to play as a straight-up wooden dummy, if you can play as, I don’t know, a wrestler with a lion mask or a cool devil guy? As far as we are concerned, players just pick Mokujin whenever they want to mock their opponent. Losing to this bad Tekken character just feels like the ultimate insult.

Roger and Alex

Worst Tekken Characters in Tekken Games Roger and Alex

Roger and Alex are a pair of playable anthropomorphic bad Tekken characters that are seemingly made just to get a laugh out of the players. The former is a kangaroo, while the latter is a dinosaur. The developers of the game just put gloves on their front limbs, and that’s that! We appreciate it when developers create fun characters just for the sake of it, but they could have definitely done better than this.

They are both fairly slow and lumbering, and they have a limited range of moves. As a matter of fact, the two are practically the same. They just have a different animal to represent them. Nevertheless, playing Roger or Alex can be fun when playing with your friends. However, choosing them in competitive play is basically forfeiting the match. That is how bad they are.


Yet another anthropomorphic character that sadly falls on this list. Gon is a tiny, adorable dinosaur that unnecessarily joined the series just for joke’s sake. To those that do not know, Gon is a main character of a Japanese manga named after itself that was added to the Tekken fighting roster in Tekken 3. Perhaps to capitalize on its popularity back then or maybe just to get a chuckle out of those that recognize it. No matter the reason of the developers, they just made arguably the worst Tekken character to ever exist.

Worst Tekken Characters in Tekken Games Gon

Gon is only knee-height of most characters in the Tekken franchise. This creates a distinct disadvantage to those that are forced to fight against it, as they basically need to crouch every time just to hit it. On the flip side, those that choose to play Gon should know that it is severely short-ranged. You effectively need to be as close as possible to your opponent just to get a hit in.

All this combines for an awful fighting experience, for both the one controlling Gon and the one forced to fight it. Thank god the Tekken series never bothered including Gon again in subsequent entries.

What Puts Them Among the Worst Tekken Characters Ever

Here are some additional reasons why these characters belong to the Tekken franchise’s worst characters ever:

  • They have poor range and/or speed, making it difficult to land attacks.
  • They have a limited number of effective moves, making it easy for opponents to predict their attacks.
  • They have low health, making them easy to KO.
  • They are difficult to master, requiring a high level of skill to be effective.

If you are looking for a challenge, you may want to try playing as one of these characters. In fact, some purposefully choose these awful characters just to try and humiliate whoever’s on the other side of the screen. 

With that said, picking one of these worst Tekken characters undoubtedly puts you at a disadvantage. If you are looking for a character that will help you win matches, it’d be wise to choose someone else.

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