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The Top 10 Fire Emblem Engage Best Characters Storywise

The Top 10 Fire Emblem Engage Best Characters Storywise

    Last Updated on September 25, 2023

Prepare to embark on a journey through the world of Fire Emblem Engage, where heroes rise, alliances shift, and epic battles await. In this exciting adventure, characters play a pivotal role, each bringing their unique abilities and stories to the forefront. Join us as we unveil the top 10 Fire Emblem Engage characters, each a force to be reckoned with in the grand tapestry of this captivating tale.

1. Alear: The Enigmatic Protagonist 

Fire Emblem Engage Alear

Leading the charge is none other than Alear, the enigmatic main character of Fire Emblem Engage. Despite having amnesia, Alear’s presence is central to the story’s heart. With a unique class evolution path that transforms him from a ‘Dragon Child’ to a formidable ‘Divine Dragon,’ Alear’s combat prowess in addition to his/her story significance makes him/her an undisputed standout among the Engage elite.

2. Ivy: From Villain to Ally 

Fire Emblem Engage Ivy

Ivy, a character who transitions from villainy to heroism, claims our second spot. Initially introduced as a boss unit, Ivy’s alignment takes a dramatic turn following a betrayal within her own family. Joining your ranks with two coveted Emblem Rings, Ivy’s unexpected partnership with Emblem Lyn as well as her versatility as a Flying unit wielding tomes and staves make her a formidable addition to any team.

3. Diamant: The Swordmaster Extraordinaire 

Fire Emblem Engage Diamant

Slicing into the third position is Diamant, a master of the blade whose impact is felt from the moment he graces Chapter 8. Possessing the Emblem Ring of the beloved Roy, Diamant showcases remarkable strength and agility. Furthermore, his character arc, which unfolds in the midst of a mid-game crisis, endears him to players, securing his place among the finest in Fire Emblem Engage.

4. Alfred: Riding to Glory

Fire Emblem Engage Alfred

Alfred, the horse-mounted unit, gallops into fourth place. Joining your party early in the game, Alfred brings with him the Emblem Ring of Sigurd, a familiar name to Fire Emblem enthusiasts. With a personal skill that bestows +2 Strength each turn when he refrains from attacking or item usage, Alfred’s contribution proves invaluable as you forge your path through Engage’s challenges.

5. Anna: The Endearing Merchant Turned Fighter 


No Fire Emblem journey is complete without the ever-recurring merchant, Anna. Engage introduces players to a younger, more spirited version of this iconic character, who starts her journey as an Axe Fighter. Nonetheless, witness her evolution from a merchant to a formidable combatant after joining your ranks through Paralogue 2.

6. Veyle: A Twist of Fate 

Fire Emblem Engage Veyle

Veyle, a character whose fate takes a dramatic twist, claims the sixth spot. Initially introduced as a mysterious stranger, her revelation as the daughter of Sombron, the Fell Dragon, and the assassin of Lumera reshapes the narrative. Joining your cause later in the game with her unique ‘Fell Child’ class, Veyle’s role becomes indispensable in the climactic stages of Engage’s storyline.

7. Chloe: Soaring Among the Stars 


Flying into the seventh position is Chloe, a standout among Engage’s Flying units. Her recruitment alongside Princess Céline of Firene brings a lance-wielding powerhouse to your team. Moreover, with exceptional close combat skills and the ability to strike from afar using a Javelin, Chloe’s prowess knows no bounds. A strong contender indeed.

8. Yunaka: The Thief with a Twist 


Yunaka, the cunning thief, takes the eighth spot on our list. Securing the Emblem Ring of Micaiah from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Yunaka’s thieving skills as well as strategic contributions are undeniable. However, it’s her humorous and entertaining banter in the Somniel that adds a touch of levity to your Engage journey.

9. Hortensia: From Foe to Friend 


Hortensia, initially a fearsome boss unit, takes the ninth spot. Her eventual recruitment in Chapter 14 unveils a playful persona and strong magic and staff-wielding skills. Hortensia’s shift from an intimidating foe to a source of fun and magic on your team is a testament to Engage’s character-driven storytelling. Perhaps only a few would admit it, but Hortensia is really one of the stand-out characters in the game.

10. Seadall: The Enigmatic Dancer and Fortune Teller 


Rounding off our list is the enigmatic Seadall, a Dancer-class unit capable of granting additional movement turns to other units. This unique ability is a game-changer, allowing for greater flexibility and strategic depth in battles. Moreover, beyond combat, Seadall serves as a fortune teller in the Somniel, offering insights and opportunities to strengthen unit bonds.


Fire Emblem Engage’s rich collection of characters paints a vivid and enthralling portrait of a world in turmoil. Each character on our list brings their unique strengths, stories, and charisma to the forefront. Thus, contributing to the game’s immersive and captivating story. As you make your way through the epic landscapes of Engage, these top 10 characters will stand as pillars of strength, offering both strategic advantages as well as emotional depth to your adventure. Prepare to fall in love with their engaging tales and remarkable skills. Indeed, these heroes and heroines are unforgettable. What are you waiting for? Chart your course through the ever-evolving world of Fire Emblem Engage right now!

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