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The Scariest Pokemon Conspiracy Theories

The Scariest Pokemon Conspiracy Theories

    Last Updated on May 15, 2023

If Pokemon Conspiracy Theories are to be believed, the Pokemon world will turn from lovable to downright disturbing. Everyone knows the franchise for its light and the lovely world that suits all ages.

However, some conspiracy theorists describe Pokemon as a scary place that should be hidden in sock drawers. While it may be a theory, some of these make sense and it makes me wonder about the games itself.

These theories shed light on some of the most disturbing facts in the Pokemon Universe. If you are a big fan of Pokemon Conspiracy Theories, buckle up and enjoy this article. Let us dive into the seedy underbelly of Pokemon and list the scariest theories the fans have made.

Pokemon are Actually Demons

An image of the Creation Trio.

The starting entry of this list edges a little more to the dark and scary side of a popular fan theory. This theory states that the monsters we know and love are actually demonic creatures. In this theory, Satan sent Pokemon to Earth to corrupt the hearts of children and lead them to hell.

If you think that this theory is far-fetched, think again because there are shreds of evidence that support it. Some Pokemon are deeply associated with being evil. You can see this based on their names, Pokedex entries, etc. A great example of this is the Pokemon, Darkrai, which is capable of inflicting nightmares that won’t end on its enemies.

While some view Pokemon battles as harmless, they are actually violent. Some Pokemon Moves are so powerful that they can inflict damage on a widescale affecting its environment. If we are looking at it realistically, most creatures will die when hit by most Pokemon moves. Even lavender town has the Pokémon Tower, a cemetery dedicated for Pokemon who passed away.

The Pokemon World is a Simulation.

Personally, I think that this theory is the most realistic one especially because it is a video game. According to this theory, the people and Pokemon are just computer programs, and the world itself is just a virtual reality.

There are evidences that support this theory. One of the most obvious ones is that you can store Pokemon in Pokeballs and the PC. No matter what the size of a Pokemon is, they will fit inside a small ball and you can store them in your computer.

In addition, there are global phenomena that do not match each Pokemon game. Even though the newer games’ setting is in the modern era, there are always new Pokemon to discover.

Moreover, it is hard to believe that a phenomenon only happens in one region such as Dynamaxing, Regional Variants, etc. The only way that all of this makes sense according to the theory is that the Pokemon world is a simulation.

The Pokemon are Actually Slaves.

This might be a tough pill to swallow for Pokemon trainers, but this theory does make sense. This theory suggests that the Pokemon are slaves to their trainers. The mere act of catching a Pokemon is a bad thing realistically.

The way to catch a Pokemon is to weaken it and then throw a ball that will store it against its will. Basically, the Pokemon are happily living in the wild until you beat them up and lock them away. To make matters worse, people force Pokemon to do their bidding.

Some people use their Pokemon to do their labor for them. An example of this is Machoke doing construction work for humans. While some Pokemon are okay with this, there are certain cases wherein people force them to do this.

Lastly, Pokemon battles are self-explanatory. Not all Pokemon want to fight to the death with other species. The very essence of Pokemon battling is up to the trainer, not the Pokemon. The trainers force their Pokemon to fight until they faint of exhaustion, or worse, killed.

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