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The Revamped Ogre Magi in Dota 2: A Hero of Luck and Brawn

The Revamped Ogre Magi in Dota 2: A Hero of Luck and Brawn

    Last Updated on July 14, 2023

With the highly anticipated release of the 7.33 patch in Dota 2, players have eagerly dived into the game to explore the new content and changes that have been introduced. One hero in particular, Ogre Magi, has undergone a daring transformation in this update. Known for its simple yet luck-based mechanics, Ogre Magi’s abilities have been significantly altered in the latest patch. In this article, we will delve into the details of these changes and discuss their impact on gameplay. Here is the new Ogre Magi in Dota 2.

Brawn Over Intelligence All Day!

One of the most notable modifications to Ogre Magi is the removal of intelligence from its stat pool. Previously, Ogre Magi had a base intelligence stat and gained intelligence as it leveled up. However, in the 7.33 patch, Ogre Magi no longer possesses any base intelligence or intelligence gain. This change has been made to align the hero’s mechanics with its theme of luck. After all, being lucky doesn’t require intelligence, and Icefrog, the game’s developer, wanted to emphasize this aspect of Ogre Magi’s character.

Despite this alteration, Ogre Magi remains an engaging hero to play. Icefrog has compensated for the removal of intelligence by introducing an innate passive ability tied to Ogre Magi’s strength attribute. For every 20 points of strength Ogre Magi has, its Multicast chance increases by 1 percent. This means that as players focus on building strength for Ogre Magi, they not only gain additional brawn but also enhance their luck-based abilities. It’s a fascinating twist that rewards players for embracing the hero’s strength-oriented playstyle.

New Ogre Magi Dota 2: The Good Sides of Being Dumb

New Ogre Magi Dota 2: The Good Sides of Being Dumb

One significant advantage of this change is that Ogre Magi is no longer susceptible to intelligence steals from heroes like Silencer or Slark. However, it can still be affected by Outworld Destroyer’s mana steal from Astral Imprisonment. To make the most of this alteration, players can now consider building full strength on Ogre Magi. This allows the hero to accumulate a substantial mana pool, which is crucial for casting spells and utilizing abilities effectively. Items such as Armlet, Bracers, Overwhelming Blink, and Heart of Tarrasque can greatly enhance Ogre Magi’s performance in battle.

The revamp of Ogre Magi’s all-strength build further amplifies the importance of luck in gameplay. Although the increase in Multicast chance is only 1 percent for every 20 points of strength, it’s worth noting that Ogre Magi gains 4.2 strength per level. This means that for every five levels, the hero can add 1 percent to its Multicast chance. This change significantly enhances Ogre Magi’s potential and adds an exciting element of progression to the hero’s gameplay. Players will find themselves eagerly leveling up to unlock higher Multicast chances and reap the benefits of their increased luck.

Icefrog, known for his dedication to balancing the game, has ensured that this percentage increase applies to the current values of Multicast chances. However, it does not affect 0% chances, preventing Ogre Magi from achieving a 4x Multicast at level 1. Nevertheless, once players unlock the 3x and 4x Multicast abilities, they will benefit from the added percentages as well. This adjustment emphasizes the importance of gaining experience quickly, making items like Midas highly valuable for Ogre Magi players.

What Players Think of the New Ogre Magi Dota 2 Changes

Overall, the changes to Ogre Magi breathe new life into the hero. It offers players a fresh perspective on their gameplay. With the removal of intelligence and the emphasis on strength-based luck mechanics, Ogre Magi becomes a more straightforward yet rewarding hero to play. The update aligns with the hero’s theme and character, though. Nevertheless, it allows players to focus on building strength and managing their mana pool effectively.

What Players Think of the New Ogre Magi Dota 2 Changes

As Dota 2 players continue to explore the 7.33 patch, Ogre Magi stands out as a hero that has undergone significant alterations. Icefrog’s commitment to balancing the game is evident in the revamp of Ogre Magi’s abilities, creating a more cohesive and engaging gameplay experience. Whether players choose to build full strength or experiment with different item builds, Ogre Magi offers a unique and enjoyable playstyle that revolves around luck and brawn.

Final Words

In conclusion, the revamped Ogre Magi in Dota 2’s 7.33 patch introduces exciting changes that enhance the hero’s gameplay and align with their theme of luck. With the removal of intelligence and the introduction of strength-based mechanics, players can now enjoy a simpler yet rewarding experience with Ogre Magi. As always, Icefrog’s dedication to balancing the game ensures that these changes contribute positively to the overall Dota 2 experience. So, gather your strength, embrace the luck factor, and embark on thrilling battles! The revamped Ogre Magi in Dota 2 is here to shake up the field!

So, what do you think of the new Ogre Magi? Is he now more fun to play? Did the recent hero changes make Ogre Magi less attractive to use? Let us know your thoughts using the comments section below!

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