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The Resurgence of Crimson Guard Dota 2

The Resurgence of Crimson Guard Dota 2

    Last Updated on July 26, 2023

In the dynamic realm of Dota 2, the importance of items in shaping the game and user experience cannot be underestimated. The release of Patch 7.33 brought about a wave of item changes, redefining strategies within the game. One crucial change was that of the Crimson Guard Dota 2, which emerged as a revitalized force, proving its worth as a valuable anti-physical aura item. This article delves into the significant changes made to the item. Also, exploring its newfound importance in professional Dota 2 matches.

The Transformation of Crimson Guard in Dota 2

Once associated with the New Bloom event, the Crimson Guard has undergone several changes to adapt to the evolving Dota 2 space. With the removal of the Wraith Pact item, aura items have found a better balance. Now, the Crimson Guard is an anti-physical aura item. Thus, carving out a niche for itself in specific game states. This change by Icefrog brought new life into the item. This made it a viable choice for both strength heroes and other hero compositions.

The updated Crimson Guard now boasts an exciting change, amplifying its effectiveness. In addition to its flat block capabilities, the item now adds 50% of the user’s strength. This change was made to fill the void left by the removal of the Wraith Pact item. Previously, the scaling was at 60%. However, it was reduced to prevent potential game imbalances caused by its instant popularity.

This major change has significantly impacted the viability of the Crimson Guard. Strength heroes, who may have previously overlooked the item, now have a great reason to incorporate it into their builds. The extra strength scaling allows them to maximize the benefits of the Crimson Guard. It enhances their durability and survivability in battles. Moreover, non-strength heroes now have the opportunity to experiment with the item, building strategies around its anti-physical aura gifts.

Possible Reasons Why Crimson Guard Dota 2 Became Stronger

Several factors influenced the decision to enhance the Crimson Guard’s capabilities. One significant reason lies in the changes to assist gold, which has placed a greater focus on team fights. Purchasing aura items, including the Crimson Guard, contributes to improved team synergy and endurance during clashes. The reduced cooldowns of aura items in this patch also promote more fights, aligning well with the objectives introduced by the new Lotus system.

Crimson Guard Dota 2 on Axe

Additionally, the rise of mobility in Dota 2’s current game state has also played a role. With larger maps and extended downtimes between engagements, mobile and skirmish-heavy lineups have proven to be more effective than other lineups focused on right-click damage. In prolonged fights, the high damage block offered by the Crimson Guard becomes a valuable asset for teams, boosting their defense and sustain.

Dota 2 thrives on effective coordination, objective-driven gameplay, and skillful team fights. The new Crimson Guard now stands as a valuable asset in the item shop once again. Its inclusion in a team’s strategy can turn the tide of team fights, giving a significant advantage when utilized intelligently. However, it is important to consider the specific strengths of your hero. Also, whether the Crimson Guard complements their skills and unique approaches.


With Patch 7.33 introducing a fresh wave of item reimagination, the Crimson Guard has emerged as a powerful item in the Dota 2 meta. Its change into an anti-physical aura item, coupled with the changes in assist gold and the rise of mobility-focused gameplay, has made it popular more than ever. As players venture forth into the battlefield of Dota 2, they would do well to consider the value offered by the new Crimson Guard. By using this item wisely and coordinating with your team, players can truly seize the full potential of Dota 2’s Crimson Guard.

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