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The Overpowered Illari Healing Pylon: Heals More than Torbjorn’s Turret Damage?

The Overpowered Illari Healing Pylon: Heals More than Torbjorn’s Turret Damage?

    Last Updated on August 17, 2023

The introduction of Illari in Overwatch 2 Season 6 has brought forth a fascinating comparison between two powerful deployables. That being, Illari’s Healing Pylon and Torbjörn’s Deploy Turret. A social media post ignited discussions about their similarities. However, upon closer examination, it’s clear that Illari’s shines more compared to Torbjörn’s turret. This article dives into the unique strengths of Illari’s Healing Pylon and how it beats Torbjörn’s turret across the board.

The Dominant Healing of Illari’s Pylon

One of the most notable features of Illari’s Healing Pylon is its exceptional healing capacity. Thus, setting her apart in the realm of support heroes within Overwatch 2. Unlike traditional healers who rely on direct healing skills, Illari’s Healing Pylon provides an uninterrupted stream of healing to her teammates within its radius.

While heroes like Mercy and Ana excel at precise healing, Illari introduces a unique approach by deploying a stationary pylon that offers consistent healing over time. This strategic placement allows Illari players to ensure ongoing healing for their team during intense clashes or pivotal moments.

Moreover, Illari’s skill continues to heal even when a teammate is under fire from an enemy turret. This exceptional feature empowers Illari to sustain her allies’ health, even amid intense assaults. By uniting with her team, Illari can ensure their survival and minimize the impact of enemy turrets, making her an excellent asset for breaking through fortified positions.

It’s crucial to note that while Illari excels in sustained healing, she may not possess the burst healing skills of other support heroes like Moira or Baptiste. Her healing output relies on the consistent presence of the Healing Pylon, underscoring the importance of strategic pylon placement and protection.

Illari’s Healing Pylon vs. Torbjörn’s Deploy Turret

Illari's Healing Pylon vs. Torbjörn's Deploy Turret

An intriguing aspect of Illari’s Healing Pylon is its ability to outpace the damage caused by Torbjörn’s turret. Torbjörn’s Deploy Turret inflicts 44 damage per second, while Illari’s skill boasts a healing rate of 50 per second. This means that it can effectively counter Torbjörn’s turret’s damage output, granting her team a significant edge.

Additionally, Illari’s Healing Pylon introduces a fresh dynamic to team compositions and tactics. Teams now have the opportunity to explore alternative strategies, such as bunker compositions, where Illari’s Healing Pylon reinforces the team’s defense by supplying continuous healing to stationary heroes like Orisa or Bastion. Where it takes the landscape of competitive Overwatch 2 is yet to be fully seen.

Player Reactions and Balancing Concerns 

The introduction of Illari and her potent Healing Pylon has ignited spirited conversations in the Overwatch community. Social media platforms and Reddit are abuzz with player reactions, raising valid concerns about her overwhelming abilities. The community eagerly awaits Blizzard’s response and potential balance adjustments to ensure fair and enjoyable gameplay.

That said, game director Aaron Keller had previously cautioned players about the potential potency of Illari before her debut. Furthermore, it is also worth pointing out that a new hero being imbalanced for the first few weeks is normal for competitive games such as Overwatch 2. Getting a new character balanced right off the bat is very rare, and sadly, Illari wasn’t that.

Nevertheless, developer insights will play a crucial role in fixing these concerns and maintaining equilibrium in hero skills. The community looks forward to seeing how Blizzard will respond to player comments and implement necessary changes. That said, expect several changes to hit Illari in the coming weeks.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Illari’s Healing Pylon revolutionizes the support role in Overwatch 2. Its excellent healing capabilities and unique systems distinguish Illari from her support counterparts, offering players novel strategic avenues and enhancing team collaboration. As Overwatch 2 evolves, Illari’s Pylon could play a pivotal role in shaping the meta and influencing how teams approach engagements and objectives.

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