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The Most Notable Final Fantasy XIV Maps

The Most Notable Final Fantasy XIV Maps

    Last Updated on June 13, 2023

True with most of the games in the now-legendary Final Fantasy series, the many Final Fantasy XIV maps are certainly worth a visit. Final Fantasy XIV offers a vast and immersive world complete with varying landscapes and biomes. Some house high-rising buildings and awesome vistas, while others are home to terrifying dungeons and dangerous caves. Join us as we take on a brief journey on some of the most notable Final Fantasy XIV maps.

Ul’dah – The Jewel of Thanalan

Ul'dah - The Jewel of Thanalan

Standing in the desert region of Thanalan is the bustling and thriving city of Ul’dah. If you are a fan of high-rising, uniquely-architectured buildings, this one is for you! The city-state of Ul’dah is living proof of the wealth and exuberance of Eorzea. You can’t help but be in awe of the many beautiful buildings, towering spires, grand bazaars, and, of course, the majestic palace that stands right in the middle of the city. As you wander through the city’s bustling streets, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and discover its captivating lore.

Limsa Lominsa – The Pearl of the Sea

Limsa Lominsa - The Pearl of the Sea

In the coastal region of  La Noscea lies one of the most unique Final Fantasy XIV maps in existence. Limsa Lominsa is a rich maritime city-state that blends magnificence and grace. You’d feel as if you are on a higher plane whenever you step foot in this thriving city. Whereas Ul’dah is the jewel of the desert, Limsa Lominsa is the pearl of the great sea. Explore the city’s numerous docks, mingle with pirates, and embark on adventures that take you across the azure waters surrounding the city.

Gridania – The Enchanted Forest

Gridania - The Enchanted Forest

It wouldn’t be a game worthy of inclusion in the Final Fantasy series without featuring at least one lush map hidden deep within the forest. Final Fantasy XIV’s version of that is the Gridania. It is a safe space for all nature lovers seeking peace and quiet. Gridania stands as one of the most notable Final Fantasy XIV maps because of its dense yet awe-inspiring forests, calm yet seemingly raging rivers, and truly magnificent ancient ruins. Immerse yourself in the serenity of its natural beauty, encounter mystical creatures, and engage in quests that unravel the secrets of the forest.

Azys Lla – The City of Lost Technology

Final Fantasy XIV Maps Azys Lla

For those that seek a futuristic map and are quickly drawn to high-standing technologies, Azys Lla is for you!  The fact that this map floats high above in the sky should already be a clear indication that you are up for a grand adventure the moment you step foot in it. Azys Lla is a map that showcases a blend of ancient ruins and advanced technology. Moreover, the sprawling landscapes offer glimpses of floating islands, mysterious machinery, and remnants of a forgotten civilization. Embark on quests that unravel the secrets of this enigmatic city and confront powerful foes.

Ishgard – The Holy See of Coerthas

Final Fantasy XIV Maps Ishgard

Perched high in the snowy Coerthas Highlands, Ishgard is a city-state steeped in religious tradition and conflict. The map of Ishgard reveals towering cathedrals, icy landscapes, and a sense of medieval grandeur. Explore the city’s intricate architecture, partake in epic battles against dragons, and delve into the lore of the Holy See. Venturing into this Final Fantasy XIV map feels like a spiritual adventure. Believe me, that is rare.

The Ruby Sea – Eastern Exotica

Final Fantasy XIV Maps Ruby Sea

Venture to the Far East and discover the captivating map of the Ruby Sea. This region is a tapestry of vibrant colors, lush vegetation, and ancient architecture. Sail across crystal-clear waters, visit bustling coastal villages, and unravel the mysteries of this captivating realm inspired by Eastern cultures.

Final Words – Final Fantasy XIV Maps

If it isn’t apparent yet, Final Fantasy XIV is filled to the brim with gorgeous maps that you just can’t help but fall in love with. Perhaps more so than most of the games in the Final Fantasy series. As a matter of fact, all Final Fantasy XIV maps are worth looking into; the maps above are just the most notable for us. They are the maps in this excellent game that made the most impression on us. Take note, there are so much more of them out there! If you really want to visit all of them, we recommend you use interactive maps you can find online. With so much to explore, there is truly something for everyone in this massive Square Enix MMORPG.

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