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The Challenges of Bringing Back Classic Tekken Costumes in Tekken 8

The Challenges of Bringing Back Classic Tekken Costumes in Tekken 8

    Last Updated on July 13, 2023

The Tekken series has delighted fans for decades, and one of its distinctive features is the diverse range of costumes that characters don. With each new entry, fans eagerly await the return of classic Tekken costumes from older games. However, the task of reintroducing these iconic outfits in modern Tekken games, particularly Tekken 8, has become increasingly hard. This article will explore the reasons behind the difficulties faced in bringing back classic costumes. Additionally, we aim to shed light on the complexities involved in their revival.

Why Bringing Back Classic Tekken Costumes is Hard

Technological Advancements:

As technology evolves, so do the expectations of gamers. Modern Tekken games boast complex character models, realistic textures, and detailed animations. Reviving classic costumes from older games would require recreating these outfits to match the visual flair of the current generation. The level of detail required in modern games poses a significant challenge when trying to bring back costumes designed for previous hardware limitations.

Character Customization:

Character customization has become a key aspect of modern Tekken games. Players enjoy personalizing their fighters with unique outfits, accessories, and visual enhancements. This increased focus on customization means that resources are given to creating new costume options rather than reviving old ones. With limited time and resources, developers must strike a balance between pleasing fans’ desire for classic Tekken costumes and giving ample customization chances.

Licensing and Legalities:

Tekken is home to a vast roster of (good and bad) characters, each with its unique costumes and designs. Over time, licensing agreements and legal considerations on these designs may change hands or expire. Acquiring the rights to reintroduce classic Tekken costumes from past games could involve complex negotiations with various parties. Furthermore, legal hurdles can further complicate the process of bringing back beloved outfits. Developers must go through various intellectual property rights and potentially invest significant time and resources in these permissions.

Artistic Vision and Continuity:

Tekken, like any iconic series, has evolved its visual style over the years. The decision to bring back classic costumes from older games must align with the current game’s direction and context. Introducing outfits with different themes or visuals could disrupt the vision of the game’s world. Developers must strike a delicate balance between nostalgia and keeping the artistic integrity of the newer entries.

Development Time and Priorities:

Game development is a complex process with numerous demands and constraints. Time and resources allocated for creating new content, improving gameplay systems, and implementing technical advancements are crucial to ensure a quality gaming experience. In fact, reviving classic costumes may not always be a priority. This is because developers strive to deliver new features that appeal to both series fans and new players more. Indeed, balancing the desires of the fanbase with the realities of game development can prove challenging.

Tekken 8 Director’s Explanation

Classic Tekken Costumes

Katsuhiro Harada, Director of Tekken 8, is aware of the fervent requests from fans who yearned for the revival of iconic costumes. This includes the garbs worn by Kazuya, Jun, and Jin during the PlayStation 1 era. However, he delved deeper into the challenges of this undertaking. He explains that these costumes were originally crafted with limited visual capabilities in mind. Merely improving their textures wouldn’t be enough to bring them into the modern era, as the essence of the plain and simple original designs would still persist.

To truly revive these classic costumes, Harada noted the need for significant redesign and changes. This process goes beyond superficial visual upgrades. It involves a complex beautification process that includes changes to texture, color depth, scale, and even the overall silhouette. By carefully considering every aspect, the costumes can be altered while keeping their original essence and aligning with the present standards of visual fidelity.

Designing Classic Costumes for Tekken 8

Harada then notes that fans’ vision of these costumes often differs from their actual design. Thus, needing designers to carefully interpret and enhance the original image. 

The goal is to ensure that the new costume versions are seen as a form of beautification rather than drastic design changes. This approach needs excellent attention to detail, focusing on texture enhancements that maintain the spirit of the original while meeting the expectations of modern players.

Harada drew inspiration from other successful fighting games, such as Street Fighter 6 and Mortal Kombat 11, which have effectively implemented classic costumes with subtle design changes. These games showed that classic outfits can be reintroduced and adapted to fit the visuals of their current games. 

It is clear that the key is to strike the right balance between preserving the core essence of the old costumes. Also, embracing the necessary adaptations demanded by the new era. By doing so, the satisfaction of fans can be maintained. Thus, ensuring that the revamped costumes evoke fond memories while remaining appealing in the present.


Tekken 8 Gameplay

While fans may yearn for the return of classic costumes from older Tekken games, various challenges impede their revival in modern entries. Technological advancements, character customization demands, licensing complications, artistic vision, and development priorities all contribute to the difficulty of reintroducing these beloved outfits. 

However, despite the hurdles, the Tekken series continues to attract players with its engaging gameplay, diverse characters, and evolving visual style. And who knows, perhaps Tekken 8 will find a way to pay homage to the past while embracing the demands of the present. After all, Tekken 8 is still amid its development journey for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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