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The Bloons TD6 Magic

The Bloons TD6 Magic

    Last Updated on January 19, 2023

In Bloons TD6, we are shocked whenever balloons pop near us. This usually happens without warning, and thus it’s dreaded by many worldwide. As for the appeal of balloons in popular culture, there are some prevalent ones. 

One cannot mistake the red balloon for its trademark association with Stephen King’s It, whose cultural impact is felt worldwide. How about the Pixar movie Up, whose story ties in with using balloons to soar into the sky?

In the realm of video games, the balloon is also notorious. Many players have come to play games that are known popularly as “the Bloons series.”

The Flash Era

The massive hit series Bloons started as a flash game. A game where the objective was to pop every “bloon” on the screen by throwing darts at an angle. This came with a limited amount of levels, and soon enough, the creators added more levels to this puzzle-like game.

The concept of the super monkey came early in the series. It was also one of the first to appear in one of the games called Bloons Super Monkey.

Since then, the Super Monkey has been the titular mascot for the Bloons series, next to the ever-iconic Dart Monkey. This isn’t to say that the first bloon puzzle games are repetitive. But, they did need to evolve into a long-term form to bring in new fans and players. 


The developers rolled out the first iteration of its long-standing tower defense-style game series in 2007. From this point, Bloons would improve rapidly. It would be this way for six straight installments. It also included some detours that focused more on PvP gameplay, over the tower defense’s PvE-type gameplay. 

The first towers featured in this series were the Dart Monkey, Tack Shooter, Ice Shooter, Bomb Tower, and Super Monkey. It was straightforward forward and the towers had specific advantages players can take advantage of.

Dart for cheap defense, Tacks for segmented turns, and Bombs for grouped enemies. You could also use Ice for fast bloons, and Super Monkey for when things get dicey. Overall, it would offer some strategy as waves got more complex. But, your kit of towers remains the same alongside some new upgrades.

Bloons TD6 gameplay

BTD 2 and 3

With the release of BTD2 came the addition of the Boomerang Monkey. It also came with iconic road spikes, monkey glue, and rainbow bloons. As players requested over 300 days and 32 million plays, the developers released Bloons TD3 with more additions.

They gave the game more depth and strategy. The addition of another upgrade path for the towers gave players the decision of specializing their monkeys to counter a specific threat. During this time, new bloons came in the form of the brown bloon and the M.O.A.B boss.

Now the MOAB is short for Massive Ordinary Air Blimp. It drops 4 brown bloons when popped, the first iteration of the future Ceramic Bloon. The third installment also introduced the pineapple bomb that has a delayed explosion, which paired well with glue. Super Monkey Storm also debuted in this installment and gave the player a panic button to clear all bloons.

BTD 4 and 5

With the arrival of BTD4 and 5, the expansion of new towers and game mechanics acme alongside overhauls in graphics and overall game design. It introduced the red Brutal Floating Behemoth(BFB) boss and the green Zeppelin Of Mighty Gargantuaness(ZOMG) boss.

Bloons TD 4 and 5 respectively, had more challenge and fun in every game. The implementation of the rank system allowed for a slow and reliable way to learn the ropes. They made sure not to make you feel overwhelmed if you were a new player.

However, 4 was conservative on the additional towers. BTD5 expanded on the upgrades of existing and new towers by adding a new upgrade path for all of them. Players have a great opinion of bloons TD5 because of this addition.

Because towers can now be tuned to handle specific bloon matchups. Overall, it also increased in replayability making bloons TD5 the best TD game in its time.

Present Day With Bloons TD6

The present iteration of the bloons tower defense series is Bloons TD6. The development style of the game turns into a live service, as updates come regularly. New weekly and monthly game modes are also available that feature a leaderboard for local and global rankings, to name a few.

The game also added a third upgrade path for all towers. There were also bigger upgrades for some, which was an understandable delay due to balance issues.

A new standard boss in the purple Big Airship of Doom has also come to play, as well as seasonal bosses that refresh every week. With the strongest upgrades for towers yet to be complete, it is a good sign for players that Bloons TD6 will still have more development for years to come.

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