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The Best Pokemon for Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

The Best Pokemon for Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

    Last Updated on October 1, 2023

Welcome, fellow trainers, to an in-depth guide on selecting the best Pokemon for Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Tera Raids presents a formidable challenge, and the choice of your Pokemon squad is crucial for success.

In this article, we’ll explore the best Pokemon for Tera Raids. Even if you are playing on your own, this list will let you have a chance at winning Tera Raids.


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Mew: The Ultimate Tera Raid Pokemon

An image of a Shiny Mew. Best Pokemon for Tera Raids

Mew occupies the pinnacle as the ultimate Tera Raid Pokémon. A recent Mystery gift distribution has transformed the Tera Raid landscape, propelling Mew to the forefront. Mew offers not only a unique Tera Type and signature move but also flaunts a versatile movepool, making it an outstanding choice for a myriad of strategies.

Slowbro: The Unlikely Soloist

An image of Slowbro. Best Pokemon for Tera Raids

Do not be deceived by its unassuming appearance; Slowbro is a force to be reckoned with in Tera Raids. With the correct setup, Slowbro is remarkably capable of soloing even the most challenging Tera Raid events. Its capacity to stack stats through moves like Amnesia and unleash devastating attacks using Stored Power renders it a formidable choice.

Azumarill: The Charizard Challenger

An image of Azumarill

Confronting the fiery challenges of seven-star Charizard Tera Raids? Azumarill emerges as your ideal counter. Despite possessing moderate stats, Azumarill’s access to the Huge Power ability, coupled with moves like Belly Drum and Play Rough, bestows it with the tools needed to shine. Incorporating Misty Terrain and Liquidation enhances its versatility and damage-dealing prowess.

Grimmsnarl: The Supportive Bastion

An image of grimmsnarl

Grimmsnarl stands out as another exceptional option for Tera Raids due to its substantial bulk and ability to provide support to its comrades with Light Screen and Reflect. This support-oriented approach has not only found favor in Tera Raids but has also made Grimmsnarl a prominent figure in competitive Pokémon Scarlet and Violet battles. Consider adding Grimmsnarl to your Tera Raid lineup for valuable support.

Iron Hands: Miraidon’s Perfect Partner

An image of iron hands

Iron Hands forms an impeccable synergy with Miraidon, creating a dynamic duo that excels in Tera Raids. The combination of Iron Hands’ Belly Drum and Drain Punch allows it to maximize its Attack stat while simultaneously recovering health, making it a potent choice for Tera Raid battles. With high Attack and HP stats, Iron Hands guarantees reliable damage output.


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Miraidon: The Terrain Maestro

An image of Miraidon. Best Pokemon for tera raids

Miraidon’s destiny lies in Tera Raids, as this Legendary Pokemon cemented its place as one of the best Pokemon for Tera raids long ago. Thanks to its Hadron Engine ability, which establishes Electric Terrain, it is an absolute unit on the battlefield.

This boosts Electric-type attacks and provides immunity to Sleep for your team. The presence of Miraidon ensures that your Pokémon remain alert and ready to unleash their powers, a critical element for Tera Raid success. Consider teaming Miraidon with Iron Thorns and Iron Hands for optimal results.

Annihilape: The Heavyweight Hitter

An image of annihilape. Best Pokemon for tera raids

For those seeking unadulterated firepower in Tera Raids, look no further than Annihilape. With its potent Rage Fist move, this Pokémon can inflict substantial damage upon vulnerable Tera Raid bosses. Combining Rage Fist with ‘Go All Out’ cheers allows you to stack your boosts and unleash destructive damage capable of depleting even five-star boss HP bars.

Gholdengo: Versatile Golden Boy

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Gholdengo may have relinquished its title as the absolute best Pokémon for Tera Raids, but its versatility remains undisputed. You can build Gholdengo as a Special Attack-focused counter with moves like Make It Rain and Shadow Ball.

Alternatively, opt for a robust Gholdengo with high defensive EVs, bolstered by Recover to ensure its survival when HP levels dip. Gholdengo also emerges as a potent choice against Iron Leaves, resisting most of their moves while delivering super-effective damage with Shadow Ball.

Flutter Mane: The Dual-Type Dynamo

An image of Flutter Mane

Flutter Mane shines with its distinctive type combination of Fairy and Ghost. Thanks to its typing, it is resistant to Normal, Dragon, and Fighting-type attacks. Although it faces challenges from Ghost and Steel-types, Flutter Mane can retaliate against Steel-types with Mystical Fire. In Tera Raids, the strategic positioning of Flutter Mane is paramount to capitalize on its strengths and dominate the battlefield.

Umbreon: The Versatile Support

An image of Umbreon

Umbreon assumes a versatile role in Tera Raids, excelling in a supportive capacity. With the ability to lower the foe’s stats, inflict status conditions, and boost allies via Helping Hand. Umbreon showcases remarkable adaptability.

To maximize its potential, invest in Special Defense and HP Effort Values (EVs) and equip it with Leftovers. Its Synchronize ability ensures it mirrors status effects inflicted by Tera Raid bosses. This enables you to focus on support moves like Helping Hand or Screech.

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