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The Best Landing Spots in Warzone 2.0

The Best Landing Spots in Warzone 2.0

    Last Updated on January 24, 2023

Landing spots in Warzone are hard to decide on with your team. But, Al Mazrah is the map that everyone should focus on in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. It is composed of six sectors and dozens of points of interest to choose from.

Remember, dropping into a battle royale game is a hard decision. Even more, you don’t know how many enemies you’ll encounter or which kind of loot will be available. So, to help you drop in, here are the best landing spots in Warzone 2.0

Al Mazrah Landing Spots

Image of Al Mazrah Landing Spots

The desert location’s jewel is Al Mazrah City. The dense urban area, which occupies the entire northeast of the map, is home to must-see locations. These locations include the Museum District, Embassy, and the Highrise.


This is one of the best landing spots that will probably draw players in just out of nostalgia. It also allows for quick-paced close-quarter combat (CQB). Additionally, the cranes’ elevated position near the site provides a great vantage point against opponents.

Image of Warzone Quarry

Zaya Observatory

Fancy having the high ground? Zaya Observatory is for you. It’s the hottest drop location because of the extreme height advantage you have against players. It’s right next to Hydroelectric and is the highest point on the entire map.

Even more, the high ground makes it easier for you to catch players. They must deal with strong crosswinds while trying to cross the mountain range. 

The Observatory’s lack of general resources is its only drawback for your entire loadout. You should prepare for the remainder of the match if you take one of the strongholds successfully.

Image of the Zaya Observatory

East Suburbs

Don’t be fooled by its cozy vibes. Operators often stock up on supplies and get ready for the endgame in this location. The small area contains a Bank of Adal, a communications tower, and an ammunition cache. Give the area a peek if you’re looking for a more relaxed early game. 

Image of East Suburbs Landing Spots

Akhdar Village

Due to its abundance of structures and defendable points, Akhdar village is a fantastic landing spot. But, it also enables you to quickly stock up and acquire resources. With so much loot available, you can easily equip yourself and outmatch your opponents in the early stages of the game. Additionally, having a shop gives you the chance to develop your loadout early on in the game.

Rohan Oil

If you’re dropping in with your squad or yourself and you don’t mind shooting around while looting well, this is the place for you. The industrial complex is a large, open area with a few scattered homes and buildings. The southwest edge of the POI contains a communications tower, three potential strongholds, and more. The best bait in Rohan oil is the buy station,  The Buy Station is located between two climbable oil tanks, making it a convenient location to camp and eliminate any opponents.

Sawah village

Near the edge of the southwest sector, Sawah Village is a perfect place for players who want to stray away from squads that drop in. It contains unique explorable POI such as a beached oil tanker and a sunken market, matching its status with the metropolitan area despite not being glamorous.

That covers the best spots to land in Warzone, we hope this guide helps you in your future games. Always remember to have fun and snatch that Warzone victory every game! Be sure to check out some of our other works on our website.  

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