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The Best Fire Type Pokemon From Every Generation

The Best Fire Type Pokemon From Every Generation

    Last Updated on March 29, 2023

Fire Type Pokemon are popular for multiple reasons, the main reason is they look so awesome. The fiery pokemon has a certain allure to it that draws the inner child within us and pick them for our team because why not? 

Throughout the nine generations of Pokemon, we will scour the Best nonlegendary fire-type pokemon from each generation. From Kanto to Paldea, let us take a trip down memory lane and list the best fire-type pokemon from every generation.

Generation 1: Charizard

Image of Charizard

Though it might not be the strongest Fire-type Pokemon out there, Charizard stands as the most iconic of the bunch. Incredibly powerful and insanely popular, Charizard has been the standard for starter Fire-types since its introduction in Gen 1.

With a whopping 100-speed stat and 109 Sp. Atk, Charizard is capable of dishing out some particularly lethal attacks. The Pokemon’s damage can reach even greater heights when used in coordination with moves like Harsh Sunlight and Sunny Day, which buff all Fire-type moves.

Charizard’s Solar Power ability even multiplies this Pokemon’s Special Attack by 1.5, making moves like Fire Blast and Focus Blast even more deadly.

Generation 2: Houndoom

Image of Houndoom

Houndoom has a solid speed stat and a high special attack stat, letting it melt opponents within a few seconds of battle. In addition, Crunch is a special attack in this generation. This makes it an ultra-powerful attack in the hands of Houndoom and causes poor Psychic-type powerhouses like Alakazam to weep in terror.

Generation 3: Blaziken

Image of Fire Type Pokemon Blaziken

Just like Charizard, Blaziken is a fantastic sweeper that can tear through multiple Pokemon if given the chance. The Fire/Fighting-type Pokemon’s Speed Boost ability raises Blaziken’s speed by one stage at the end of each turn. 

This is borderline broken considering Blaziken already starts with 80 Speed. Combine this with the damage buff from Sword Dance and the lowered defense from Close Combat, and you have a recipe for success.

Generation 4: Infernape

Image of Infernape

Infernape has long been a fan favorite thanks to its Fire/Fighting typing. This mischievous monkey has a great mix of offensive stats, which enable it to punish squishy enemies and even pummel its way through tanker rivals.

You can raise its speed further with Nasty Plot. Meanwhile, it can learn Focus Blast which has a 10% chance to lower the enemy’s defense. 

Generation 5: Volcarona

Image of Volcarona

Bug-type Pokemon aren’t known to be the strongest of the bunch, but some manage to stand out. A Bug/Fire-type, Volcarona is one of the more underappreciated of its kind.

Volcarona has high special attack and speed stats. Volcarona’s most effective moves can be found in TMs, as those learned through leveling often do not maximize their potential. You can counter its weakness to rock types by teaching it, Solar Beam.

Generation 6: Delphox

Image of Delphox

Fennekin starts as a pure Fire-type that gains a unique Fire/Psychic-typing when it evolves into Delphox. Most Fire-type starters that take on a second type end up Fire/Fighting. This makes Delphox a desirable choice for any trainer looking to try something new.

High special attack and speed are what make Delphox such an asset on the battlefield. Though not quite a glass cannon, Delphox possesses mediocre defense but compensates for it with fantastic special defense. Moves like Future Sight, Flamethrower, and Fire Blast all get STAB. 

Generation 7: Incineroar

Image of Fire Type Incineroar

Incineroar has an impressive base Attack stat of 115, which is among the highest of all Fire-type Pokemon. In addition to its high Attack, Incineroar also has solid defensive stats, with a base Defense stat of 90 and a base Special Defense stat of 90. 

Incineroar has access to a wide variety of moves, including powerful physical attacks like Flare Blitz and Darkest Lariat, as well as supportive moves like Roar and Parting Shot.

Incineroar’s signature ability, Intimidate, lowers the Attack stat of opposing Pokemon when it enters the battle. This makes it a great choice for battles where you want to weaken your opponent’s physical attackers.

Generation 8: Cinderace

Image of Cinderace

Cinderace boasts a high base Speed stat of 119, making it one of the fastest Pokemon in the game. This allows it to outspeed many opponents and strike first in battle. Additionally, Cinderace has a base Attack stat of 116, which is higher than most Fire-type Pokemon.

Cinderace’s signature ability, Libero, is the icing on top. Libero causes Cinderace to change its type to match the type of move it is using. This allows it to gain STAB on any move it uses, and avoid type disadvantages making it even more deadly in battle.

Generation 9: Skeledirge

Image of Skeledirge

The Fire-type starter Fuecoco would go through a metamorphosis that would see it as a Fire and Ghost-type crocodile. Skeledirge is bulky with a 104 HP stat and 100 Defense Stat making it a little hard to OHKO.

The fire-type pokemon also has a high enough Special Attack stat which is 110. While the pokemon looks pretty well-rounded, its Speed is not what you want it to be which is only 55. 

Skeledirge has a pleasing cry and an interesting musically-inclined signature move. Skeledirge is a great Special Attacker and features solid coverage thanks to its Fire and Ghost moves.

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