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Tekken 8 on PC is Even More Stunning With This Mod

Tekken 8 on PC is Even More Stunning With This Mod

    Last Updated on August 21, 2023

The excitement around Tekken 8, the upcoming addition to the popular fighting game series, is spreading rapidly among gamers. While everyone eagerly awaits its official release, a new mod has surfaced, promising a better visual experience for PC players. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this mod. Also, see how it boosts the graphics of Tekken 8 on PC.

Tekken 8 PC Mods: Making the Game Look Even Better

Created by modder FrancisLouis, this Tekken 8 mod turns off some fancy effects that were making the game look a bit blurry. The result? The visuals become sharper and clearer, making the game look even more amazing. By saying goodbye to things like Bloom, Chromatic Aberration, Film grain, Lens-flares, Motion Blur, and Vignette, this mod really shows off how good the game can look. It also adds some fancy options like sharpening and Anisotropic Filtering, and you can even make the game look fancier by making it bigger on your screen.

To help you see how much better this mod makes things, we’ve got some pictures that compare the regular version of Tekken 8 with the version that has the mod.

Here are some screenshots of the original Tekken 8 PC Visuals:

Tekken 8 Original Main Menu
Tekken 8 Original Character Select

Now, here are the modded version of the same sections of the game:

Modded Main Menu
Modded Character Select

The modded version clearly wins with better details and a smoother look. On the other hand, the regular version seems a bit fuzzy and doesn’t have that same clean look. For us, this just proves that sometimes, lesser is indeed more. By removing the extra effects default in the original, Tekken 8 looked so much better on PC.

If you’re excited to try this mod out, you can get it from various places where it lives online. Particularly, dedicated Tekken mods websites. While it started as a thing for the early version of Tekken 8, it might also work with later versions of the game that come out before the final one. But remember, it’s not cool to download stuff that’s not officially out or to do anything shady like piracy. Such is the issue with the Tekken 8 beta cracks.

Tekken 8’s Official Release Date Not Yet Announced

We don’t know exactly when Tekken 8 will be ready, but we’ve got good news for PC gamers. This game won’t have a thing called Denuvo anti-tamper stuff that has caused some problems before. So, you can expect better performance and more freedom to enjoy the game the way you like. To keep yourself up to speed regarding the latest news about Tekken 8, make sure you visit its official page from time to time. Alternatively, you may also follow us on our social media accounts to keep up-to-date with the latest gaming news and useful tips and guides.


Thanks to the work of modder FrancisLouis, Tekken 8 on PC now looks way better. With the fancy effects turned off and some extra graphics magic added, the modded game looks fantastic. As we wait for Tekken 8’s official launch, let’s hope the game developers notice how much people love this mod. In fact, we hope they think about adding similar options to the real PC version. Until then, get ready for a seriously awesome and good-looking fighting game experience.

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