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Tekken 8 Feedback Is So Positive Developers Now Feel Nervous

Tekken 8 Feedback Is So Positive Developers Now Feel Nervous

    Last Updated on July 21, 2023

In the world of fighting games, few titles have sparked as much excitement and anticipation as Tekken 8. With its release drawing nearer, fans and gaming enthusiasts eagerly await what promises to be a groundbreaking gaming experience. However, even as the game nears completion, the development team is grappling with unexpected emotions. In fact, the overwhelmingly positive Tekken 8 feedback from the community leaves Director Katsuhiro Harada both surprised and nervous. Let’s talk more about it here.

The Nervous-Inducing Positive Tekken 8 Feedback

The reception for Tekken 8 has been nothing short of exceptional. At various events where the game was playable, players and fans alike couldn’t help but shower the developers with praise. The outpouring of enthusiastic feedback caught Harada off guard, leading to a mix of elation and anxiety. In a recent interview hosted by Sumichu on Bandai Namco America’s Youtube channel, Harada openly admitted to feeling nervous due to the unexpected level of acclaim the game has received thus far. He humorously confessed, “We’re not used to this (laughter).”

The gaming community’s response to Tekken 8 has been so remarkable that the development team feels motivated to deliver an even more exceptional gaming experience. Harada, along with Mark “Markman” Julio (EVO Business Development Director) and Michael Murray (Tekken Project Producer), discussed the Tekken 8 feedback received during “Tekken Talk” Episode 2, diving into the details of players’ reactions. The sheer positivity of the community’s response has spurred the team to work tirelessly. This is to ensure that the final product lives up to the heightened expectations.

Feedback to Tekken 8’s Closed Network Test 

To deepen engagement with the Tekken community and gather valuable insights for refinement, a closed network test has been planned. Selected participants will have the exclusive opportunity to playtest 16 different characters in Tekken 8. Initially available on the PS5, the closed network test will later expand to include PC and Xbox Series X. This proactive approach allows players to get a taste of the game ahead of its official release. Additionally, it also empowers the development team to fine-tune and optimize the gameplay experience based on real-time feedback.

Feedback to Tekken 8’s Closed Network Test 

The anticipation surrounding the official release date for Tekken 8 continues to escalate, with fervent fans eagerly marking their calendars. While an official launch date remains undisclosed, the excitement surrounding the game’s potential release on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X has reached a fever pitch. 

Offering a glimmer of hope to the gaming community, a closed beta test has been announced for July 21, 2023, exclusively on the PS5, followed by a beta test on all platforms on July 28, 2023. Note that the registration for the beta test is currently down. Nevertheless, fortunate participants will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Tekken 8 before its official launch. Their valuable Tekken 8 feedback will play a vital role in shaping the game’s final form.

Final Thoughts

As Tekken 8 gears up for its much-anticipated release, the gaming world holds its breath in eager anticipation. The unexpected wave of positivity has set the bar high for the development team. Also, it ignited a sense of determination to deliver a gaming experience that will be in the hearts of fans for years to come. Whether Tekken 8 lives up to the lofty expectations and breaks new ground in the fighting game genre remains a mystery. However, the journey to its release promises to be an exciting one, especially with the positive Tekken 8 feedback. It will undoubtedly be with passion, dedication, and the ever-present support of a devoted gaming community.

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