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Tekken 8 Chief Harada’s Response to Threats and the Impact on the Fighting Game Community

Tekken 8 Chief Harada’s Response to Threats and the Impact on the Fighting Game Community

    Last Updated on August 14, 2023

In the vibrant realm of video games, where creativity and passion collide, a disheartening trend has been on the rise. The world of gaming has seen its fair share of challenges and abuses. Recently, a Twitter incident involving a demand for the inclusion of Eddy Gordo in Tekken 8 sparked a response from Katsuhiro Harada, the revered figure behind the Tekken series. Tekken 8 chief Harada’s words resonated deeply, shedding light on the consequences of such threats and the rising issue of abuse faced by game developers.

Harada’s Response and its Ripple Effects

One determined individual’s demand to see Eddy Gordo in Tekken 8 set off a chain of events. Thus, leading to Harada’s powerful response. Through social media, Harada detailed his disappointment with threats in the gaming community, particularly those aimed at developers. He emphasized the great impact these threats have on the fighting game community (FGC) as a whole.

Harada outlined three pivotal points that underscore the effects of such threats. Firstly, he highlighted the unfortunate reality that threats often force event operators to tighten security measures. While safety is the most important, increased security means higher costs and burdens on players. In some instances, it could even lead to a canceled event then and there. Secondly, Tekken 8 chief Harada revealed that these threats sway the decisions of company leaders. The demands of fans, even true ones, may be reconsidered, leading to potential character omissions, such as Eddy Gordo. Lastly, Harada noted that when threats are phrased with “we” rather than individually with “I,” the likelihood of the aforementioned consequences heightens.

Abuse in the Gaming Industry: A Worrying Trend

Harada’s response serves as a poignant reminder of the deep-rooted problem of abuse that plagues the gaming industry. This issue extends far beyond the boundaries of Tekken or Harada himself. Renowned developers, like Bungie, the creators of Destiny, have also spoken up about the mistreatment they face at the hands of so-called fans. The continuous existence of this problem raises concerns about the behavior of some individuals within the gaming community.

Unraveling the Denuvo Controversy

In addition to threats, another controversy emerged in the Tekken 8 saga, this time surrounding anti-piracy software Denuvo mentioned in the End User License Agreement (EULA). Swiftly addressing this concern, Harada clarified that the inclusion of Denuvo in the EULA was an error. There are no intentions to incorporate it into the game, he says. Harada urged gamers to approach such situations with reason, suggesting that not every piece of information requires an overblown reaction.


The world of video games, cherished for its excellent worlds and camaraderie, faces a concerning challenge. Tekken 8 chief Harada’s views on the repercussions of these threats underline the importance of building a respectful gaming community. The issue of abuse directed at developers, echoed by Harada and others, calls for introspection and a collective effort to ensure a safer environment for both creators and players alike. As the industry continues to evolve, it is imperative that the passion and enthusiasm that unite gamers are harnessed to uplift the community, leaving behind the shadows of threats and negativity.

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