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Talon Esports Enters Pokemon Unite Championship

Talon Esports Enters Pokemon Unite Championship

    Last Updated on May 28, 2023

It is a great day to be alive if you are a fan of Pokemon Unite. Southeast Asian esports giant, Talon Esports, announced their entry into Pokemon Unite. Additionally, the esports organization announced that its roster will be an all-Filipino cast.

Talon Esports will compete in the upcoming Pokemon Unite Championship Series APAC-EAST Regional Qualifiers on April 15-16. The tournament has a prize pool of $18,250. The top three teams will qualify for the spot in the Asia Pacific East Finals. 

The Asia Pacific East Championship features the top eight teams of the region to compete for a spot in the World Championships. Talon Esports will vie for a spot in the qualifiers to advance to the World Championships.

The team, however, will have multiple opportunities to qualify for the Pokémon World Championship Series in Yokohama. The Asian qualifiers will place in April, May, and June, providing teams a chance in the most prestigious tournament. 

This information comes after a press release by Sean Zhang, the CEO of Talon Esports. He said

Pokémon is an iconic IP that has a special place in the heart of millions worldwide, so for us to see a new Esports title emerge from this in the form of Pokémon UNITE is really exciting.

Talon Competes in Pokemon Unite Championship Series

They also believe it is a great opportunity for them to involve themselves in a relatively young Esports scene. After all, it has great growth potential at an early stage. 

Talon Esports has a history of building championship-winning teams in both the MOBA genre and mobile gaming. They also wanted to bring their professional performance knowledge to support aspiring players. Yet, also to grow and contribute to the wider community.

Sean also said that their goal is to provide as big a platform as possible for players and fans in our region. It also includes engaging with their passion for gaming. Sean believes that Pokémon UNITE is a great avenue to do so.

Talon has an extraordinary track record of competitive Esports success since its inception in 2017. They also entered League of Legends, Valorant, Dota 2, and Arena of Valor. Talon is looking to replicate its regional and global success in Pokémon UNITE as well.

Pokemon UNITE was released in 2021 and has quickly garnered a massive fanbase, especially in the Southeast Asian region. Pokemon UNITE is the massive franchise’s take on the ever-popular MOBA genre. 

While the game is fairly young in terms of age, its appeal is apparent to its fanbase. The game sports unique objectives for a MOBA. With an emphasis on team play rather than farming for gold and taking down towers. With Pokemon UNITE attracting massive esports organizations, it looks like their Esports scene will only grow in years to come.

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