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Stifled: Echolocation Horror Mystery – Game Review

Stifled: Echolocation Horror Mystery – Game Review

    Last Updated on May 18, 2023

For some, darkness is the ultimate fear, and you certainly get that in strides in Stifled: Echolocation Horror Mystery. This first-person horror game brought to us by Gattai Games back in October 2018 takes the fear of the unknown to an entirely new level.

Players are in control of a young boy who has lost his sight and must rely solely on his hearing to traverse the horrors the game has in store. In a sea of horror games that depend on visual spectacle and frightening imagery to scare their players, Stifled: Echolocation Horror Mystery stands seemingly alone in this approach.

In this article, we aim to highlight this hidden gem of a horror title. Here is our review of Stifled: Echolocation Horror Mystery.

Everything is Dark…Literally

Stifled: Echolocation Horror Mystery is a truly terrifying game that will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Whereas other horror titles prepare you for the upcoming scares with their intensifying visuals, this game is out to surprise you every time. 

It is a sound-based stealth thriller/horror game in every sense of the word. It uses an innovative sound-based mechanic that enables users to create a sonar-like image of the dark world around them using a microphone device. This gameplay mechanic adds a new level of immersion and terror to the game. The player must rely on their ears to see what is lurking in the darkness. Literally, it would make you feel like a blind man stuck in a world of horror, and believe us, it is as intense as it gets.

Stifled Gameplay

Because Stifled: Echolocation Horror Mystery relies heavily on sound, the game’s sound design should be nothing less than spectacular. Well, to their credit, it is. The game’s sound design is top-class. So much so that it feels like a disservice to play it not using high-end headphones. Everything is crunchy, the ambient sound is truly eerie, and the scares are made all the more wonderful. This makes the atmosphere of the game more oppressive and claustrophobic.

While it may sound unappealing for some to play a game where everything is completely dark, best you know that the unique approach the developers went for genuinely works. If you are looking for a truly terrifying and unique horror experience, then Stifled: Echolocation Horror Mystery is the game for you.

What Separates Stifled From Other Horror Games?

Here are some of the things that make Stifled: Echolocation Horror Mystery so terrifying and different from other genre titles:

  • The game’s sound design is impeccable—comparable even to more high-budget games of today. The sound of the enemies’ footsteps, the creaking of the floorboards, and the echoing of your own voice all add to the sense of dread.
  • The game takes place in a series of dark and narrow tunnels. It feels like you are always being watched. This adds to the fear of being closely followed all the time, choking your spirits through several claustrophobic sections.
  • The enemies, while rarely encountered, are all well-designed and scary. You’d feel as if they aren’t just hunting you down, they are also out to break you inside out.
  • It expertly uses the microphone feature. The microphone isn’t only used to help you traverse the game world safely, it can also spell your demise. Enemies can sense your fear through your microphone, so better stay silent despite being scared. The echolocation mechanic works really well and is a rare experience that you should at least consider trying.
  • Stifled: Echolocation Horror Mystery is unlike any other horror game. Its scares do not only come from the enemies and the game world but also from the fear of failure.
  • Much like rouge-like games, there are no checkpoints or save stations in this game. When you die, or succumb to the horrors of the game, you have to repeat it right from the very start. To say that this game is challenging is an understatement.

Final Thoughts

Stifled Enemies

If you want the ultimate horror experience, we recommend you use a high-end headset. Better yet, try the game using a virtual reality device. Stifled: Echolocation Horror Mystery is indeed a one-of-a-kind horror game. Not only does it provide a scary yet memorable gaming experience, but it also helps you empathize more with our blind brethren. That said, give this great game a chance. You won’t regret it.

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