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The Steam Winter Sale 2022

The Steam Winter Sale 2022

    Last Updated on December 21, 2022

It’s time for the Steam Winter Sale 2022! After a year of amazing games and new releases, Valve gives us a sneak peek into their deals. Plenty of enthusiasts are eager for the sale, and we’d like to help them by showing the games that might make the sale.

Naturally, the sale coincides with the Christmas and New Year holidays. It’s the perfect opportunity to buy some games to gift to your friends. However, you’ll need to prepare and plan in case the game you want to buy doesn’t have a discount.

Players will also have the chance to earn Steam Trading carts upon completing the discovery queue. Once they finish, they must also vote for the best games of 2022 in the Steam Awards. You can sell these carts or turn them into badges.

What are the Games on Sale?

The most exciting part of the Steam Winter Sale is the trailer. It teased a few showcases of games that get a discount during the sale. You can check it out here.

Welcome to The Steam Winter Sale!

There were plenty of games present in the teaser. It included blockbuster games like God of War, Elden Ring, and more. If you couldn’t see much of the trailer, here’s a list:

  1. Fallout 76
  3. Ready or Not
  4. Two Point Campus
  5. Persona 5 Royal
  6. Sonic Frontiers
  8. Raft
  9. New World
  10. Construction Simulator
  11. Across the Obelisk
  12. F1® Manager 2022
  13. Dinkum
  14. The Wandering Village
  15. Hollow Knight
  16. HITMAN 3
  17. Hell Let Loose
  18. Medieval Dynasty
  19. Jurassic World Evolution 2
  20. Farthest Frontier
  21. Euro Truck Simulator 2
  22. Gloomhaven
  23. Generation Zero®
  24. Ghostrunner
  25. God of War
  26. Dead Cells
  27. Death Stranding: Director’s Cut
  28. Unpacking
  29. Dying Light 2 Stay Human
  30. Elden Ring
  31. Cyberpunk 2077
  32. Vampire Survivors

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