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Skiter ”Had to Go” during a Dota Pro Circuit Match

Skiter ”Had to Go” during a Dota Pro Circuit Match

    Last Updated on January 21, 2023

The Dota Pro Circuit adds an interesting story on January 17, 2023. PGL Officials forced Tundra Esports player Oliver “skiter” Lepko to relieve himself with a plastic bottle during an official game.

At minute 55 of game 3 against their opponent Into the Breach, Tundra took paused the game. This pause caught the attention of viewers and commentators alike. It wasn’t until moments after that skiter revealed in all chat that he had peed in a bottle.

What Happened on Twitter?

The story took to Twitter as skiter tweeted a picture of the bottle in question. People viewed it over 200 thousand times as everyone pitched in their opinions on why it came to this.

According to the PGL Winter Tour rulebook, the rules forbid anyone to go to the restroom while the game is still ongoing. Doing this would penalize the team by reducing draft time for the next game.

Skiter had to relieve himself then and there to avoid getting a draft penalty. He also went on to say in-game that he did it whilst on-camera the entire time. This confused viewers, but PGL was clear on this situation in their rulebook.

The rule requires the player to be in the shot of their cameras at all times. Even more, officials established the rule to maintain match integrity. 

Skiter updated the community by expressing a sincere apology to PGL. He also stated that he went to pee before the Dota Pro Circuit game, but drank a lot of water. Even more, he added that tweeting the bottle was a frustrating reaction to his predicament. He even apologized to his fans for sharing it.

The community has since reacted with both memes and criticism for PGL. The main gist, of course, is that skiter need not apologize. It could happen to anyone. Now, when a bottle of pee is mentioned, the crowd can come up with jokes to relieve the tension.

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