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Scarlet Nexus Characters and Their Abilities – Guide

Scarlet Nexus Characters and Their Abilities – Guide

    Last Updated on April 10, 2023

Scarlet Nexus characters are all zany and colorful. Not only do they have their trademark personalities, but they also have respective, interesting abilities. The playable characters, the party members, and even some enemies have unique psycho-kinetic abilities. This forces players to always be on their toes. Yes, it enables them to create devastating attacks by combining these varying abilities.

However, they also need them to come up with various solutions to the many types of enemies the game throws their way. Below is a simple guide to the characters and their respective abilities in Scarlet Nexus, Bandai Namco’s latest push for a franchise.

The Main/Playable Characters

Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall – Psychokinesis

Scarlet Nexus lets players choose which of the main characters they want to play at the beginning of the game. They can choose either the outgoing, brave young man Yuito Sumeragi or the brooding, combat genius woman Kasane Randall. While each character’s story plays out differently, both main characters have the same psychokinesis power. It allows them to lift things with their minds and fling them forcefully to enemies or the environment.

Both Yuito and Kasane can combine their ability through SAS to double up the power of their psychokinesis. Take note that combined attacks can be powered up even more by improving your bond level with other characters.

Yuito’s combat focus is up close and personal. He wields a sword to deal with the threat of “Others,” while using his psycho-kinetic ability as a compliment. Kasane, on the other hand, makes the most of her combat ability. She uses her psychokinesis to control her knives and attack enemies from mid-range. This is then supplemented by her tendency to throw objects at enemies with devastating force.

The Party Members

Scarlet Nexus Characters Abilities Psychokinesis

As mentioned above, Scarlet Nexus has two branching main storylines right from the start. Depending on which character you choose, you’d have a different group of party members. You’d play most of the early to mid-game with either Yuito or Kasane’s group. But later on, the game would merge the two groups, enabling you to play with all party members. All in all, eight characters will eventually join your party.

Yuito’s Group

Hanabi Ichijo – Pyrokinesis

Hanabi is Yuito’s stereotypical anime childhood friend. She is cheerful and always positive, but burning with ambition and passion. Her attitude perfectly summarizes her ability: pyrokinesis. Hanabi can conjure, manipulate, and control fire with her will. This makes her a great ally whenever fighting ‘oiled’ enemies or whenever you want to burn everything down.

Borrowing her power through SAS imbues your weapon with her flames, burning your enemies while you attack.

Luka Travers – Teleportation

Luka Travers, as little as his stature may be, is the only ‘Septentrion’ class OSF member to join your party. The Septentrion class is awarded to those that excel in their work the most. It is the highest status in the OSF. Luka uses his teleportation power to move around the battlefield in the blink of an eye and catch enemies unprepared. He also uses a massive hammer which he expertly wields using his extremely helpful ability.

Borrowing Luka’s teleportation abilities allows you to do the same thing he does. It enables you to blink short distances instead of dashing.

Gemma Garrison – Sclerokinesis

Gemma is the ‘chad’ of the group. He is the tank that willingly sacrifices his own body to protect his friends. His willingness to protect is best represented by his psycho-kinetic ability: sclerokinesis. It allows him to coat his body with some sort of mental armor to withstand any incoming attack.

Taking sclerokinesis via SAS makes you immune to several enemy attacks. You won’t suffer from any knockbacks or damage as long as it is active. That said, every hit takes a chunk out of Gemma’s SAS meter.

Tsugumi Nazar – Clairvoyance

Tsugumi Nazar has the power of clairvoyance. It allows her to see things others cannot. To be perfectly honest, Tsugumi’s powers did not translate well to the game. There are no definite rules placed on it to make it more comprehensible. It is as if its parameters change every time the plot calls for it. Nevertheless, clairvoyance is a great ability to utilize in combat encounters.

Clairvoyance via SAS allows players to see enemies that may have turned invisible or hiding. Some enemies are invulnerable or, at the very least, difficult to deal with without clairvoyance.

Kasane’s Group

Shiden Ritter – Electrokinesis

Shiden is Hanabi, but with electricity. This self-centric but kind young man has the power of electrokinesis, enabling him to manipulate electricity with his mind. He will start as a stern rival to Kasane but would soon learn to respect her and her strength. While not everyone may like Shiden as a character, we have grown to love him over time.

Using electrokinesis via SAS imbues your weapon with electricity. This shreds enemies that are ‘wet’ and will paralyze them after a few hits.

Kyoka Eden – Duplication

Kyoka Eden starts as the head of the group whereas Kasane will be assigned at the start. She serves as the mother figure of the group. Moreover, she will be the one responsible for keeping everyone on the same page. Her power, duplication, allows her to duplicate herself or any object she wants. While it may not seem powerful on its lonesome, using her ability via SAS just feels wonderful.

Using duplication via SAS, you can double the objects you throw at your enemies using psychokinesis. This not only deals significant damage but also allows you to break enemies far easier.

Arashi Spring – Hypervelocity

Arashi Spring serves as this anime cast of characters ‘loli idol’ stereotype. She’s an OSF member who is constantly hounded by cameras and the media for her charming personality and looks. Although she isn’t as bubbly without the cameras, Arashi is someone you can depend on. Her ability, hypervelocity, allows her to move faster than anyone, essentially slowing everything down.

Using Arashi’s ability via SAS allows you to do the same thing she does. However, it is worth noting that her SAS meter drains the quickest.

Kagero Donne – Invisibility

Kagero is the playful, full-of-jokes adult of the party. Perhaps the opposite of Gemma in terms of personality. He is unpredictable to the point of being untrustworthy. His power, invisibility, is just perfect for him. It allows him to move around the environment without his enemies being aware of his movements. He takes pleasure in dealing massive damage to enemies by attacking them from behind.

Taking advantage of Kagero’s power through SAS allows you to go invisible yourself. This can be used whenever in a pinch and need to step away from the fray for a moment. Inversely, you can also use it to deal massive damage before the fight even starts.

And there it is! That is every one of the Scarlet Nexus characters and their abilities! So, which ones are your favorites? Do you have a specific SAS ability combination you use the most often? Let us know! For more Scarlet Nexus and anything gaming-related, visit our website now.

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