Riot Tweets About Viral Sage Mommy Meme

Riot Tweets About Viral Sage Mommy Meme

    Last Updated on February 3, 2023

Did VALORANT tweet something about a Sage Mommy? Riot Games has been bringing players closer and closer to the agents that define VALORANT. On a Sunday morning Twitter post, Riot gave the fans and players something they desperately needed. A picture that defined Sage Mommy at its finest.

Riot’s Sage Mommy Tweet 

Middle Seat Sage Mommy

The post shows the trio of Neon, Sage, and Jett on a plane together in the same row, via a selfie “picture” taken by Sage sitting in the middle. The tweet implies that Sage tweeted it herself. It also says that Jett “mumbled something about ‘middle seat mommy’ before dozing off.”

Needless to say, the post and its crystal clear reference to the “Sage mommy” meme attracted a lot of attention. It is one of the most popular posts on VALORANT Twitter over the year so far. The tweet garnered over 3  million post views, almost 10,000 retweets, and over 74,200 likes at the time of writing. 

The community reacted quite positively to it as Riot recognizes one of its game’s long-standing memes. Reacting with memes of their own at the absurdity of Riot calling one of their beloved characters “mommy”. One such response came from NRG player thwifo tagging his teammate, ardiis, saying, “you’re my middle seat mommy.”

Of all the posts from January on the official VALORANT account, only the Jan. 1 teaser for Episode Six has garnered more views and likes, but VALORANT Sage Mommy could easily pass that in just a short time.

Where Did This Reference Come From?

The Sage mommy meme is already widespread in the Valorant community since Valorant’s inception. Even more, Riot’s tweet personifying this only emphasizes Riot’s capability to include its fans and community in its priorities.

The term, Mommy Sage, has been a long-running meme in the Valorant community, with Twitch streamer sagemommy69 popularizing it. It plays off the fact Sage was the game’s original healer and constantly took care of the team. And now Riot has playfully labeled her as such.

Riot diving into posts about VALORANT agents that connect with fans is something they did in the past. It also treats the agents as unique characters with personalities and lives. After all, outside of the competitive and unrated games VALORANT players use them. 

One of the most popular instances of this was the long-awaited reveal of the first in-game couple, Killjoy and Raze. It also has 10 times more likes than the recent Sage post and was met with widespread adoration.

Of course, the post was not meant to be taken seriously. After all, it was Riot’s attempt to expand Valorant’s lore. Just like what they have done in League of Legends. They generally have a good track record of in-game lore writing. After all, they created the critically acclaimed Arcane, which was based on League of Legends.

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