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Riot Games Announces Empyrean Cup 2023 for League of Legends PH Fans

Riot Games Announces Empyrean Cup 2023 for League of Legends PH Fans

    Last Updated on September 12, 2023

Excitement is building among League of Legends enthusiasts in the Philippines (PH). Riot Games has officially announced the Empyrean Cup 2023, a highly anticipated event that promises to be a celebration of competitive gaming, community spirit, and the love for the world’s most popular online multiplayer game. Let’s learn more about this coveted League of Legends event right here!

Overview of the League of Legends PH Empyrean Cup 2023

Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends, has been making significant strides in fostering the esports scene in the Philippines. The Empyrean Cup 2023 is a testament to Riot’s commitment to the local gaming community. This event will bring together top players, teams, and fans for an unforgettable esports experience.

From mid-September to early November 2023, the League of Legends PH Empyrean Cup promises an intense spectacle of competition. With 256 teams vying for glory, the event will surely not be short of drama and action. This event marks a triumphant return to competitive gaming since Riot Games reacquired the publishing rights for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics in the Asia Pacific region.

The tournament unfolds in two exciting qualifying phases, each accommodating 128 teams to ensure fair and fierce competition. The first qualifier is set to commence on September 16th, with the registration already opening its doors last August 29th. The second qualifier is scheduled for October 14th, with registration available from September 22nd.

Lastly, a substantial prize pool awaits the winners. This not only rewards their skills but also motivates them to give their best in every match. Indeed, the stakes are higher than ever, with a jaw-dropping prize pool of PH₱1 million (approximately US$17,600).

League of Legends PH Empyrean Cup 2023: Registration and Eligibility

The Empyrean Cup 2023 welcomes all residents of the Philippines who can present government-accepted IDs. There are no gender restrictions for teams, ensuring inclusivity and equal opportunities for all aspiring esports athletes. Potential contenders can easily register online via the tournament’s official Google Forms page.

Riot’s Vision for Philippine Esports

This event not only signifies Riot Games’ commitment to Philippine esports but also underlines the potential of the country’s gaming talent on a global stage. It’s a platform where players can showcase their skills and possibly catch the eye of professional esports organizations.

With the Empyrean Cup 2023, Riot Games is fostering a sense of unity among PH League of Legends fans. The tournament aims to inspire not only seasoned professionals but also aspiring gamers to pursue their dreams in the world of esports.

Joel Guzman, Country Manager of Riot Games Philippines, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This marks a significant milestone for us as we reaffirm Riot’s dedication to serving the League community in the Philippines. The Empyrean Cup is just the beginning. We plan to revitalize the League competitive scene here, offering more opportunities for Filipino players to shine on the global stage.


With the Empyrean Cup 2023, the future of League of Legends in the Philippines shines brighter than ever before. This tournament not only takes the local gaming scene but also opens doors for Filipino players to make their mark on the global esports stage. Clearly, Riot Games sets the stage for the League of Legends PH community to showcase their skills and passion. The Empyrean Cup 2023 is poised to be one of the most awesome esports events of the year. Indeed, the global esports eyes are on the Philippines now!

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