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PUBG Mobile Esports: What is PMSL?

PUBG Mobile Esports: What is PMSL?

    Last Updated on February 8, 2023

PUBG Mobile eSports is one of the biggest eSports leagues in mobile gaming. This sparks a whole new era for the games’ success and popularity. Even more, Tencent revealed their plans to franchise in the SEA (Southeast Asia Region). This is due to the success of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022. 

Introducing PUBG Mobile Esports: PMSL

PMSL is the rumored franchise league. The PMSL will take the place of the PMPL SEA Championship. That’s according to a now-deleted post on the PUBG Mobile Esports Vietnam Facebook page. The nation’s top regional competition is the PMPL SEA Championship. Qualifying teams come from the top PMPLs in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

A hefty price of $500,000 is the buy-in for a franchise slot, and even though the financial state of the league is unclear, $500,000 is a price worth investing in the region. SEA region also has a steady and continuously rising growth in player base and viewership leading to more profit for the company. SEA region is also very professional in eSports matters, and plenty of brands from the region are looking forward to investing in the industry.

PMSL Might Not be a Completely Closed Franchise

“lighter and open”

– James Yang, Tencent Director of eSports

It’s possible that because the slots are open, franchised organizations might get them early. Meanwhile, others will be available for teams to qualify through. However, being an open league means that it’ll give organizations huge opportunities to showcase what they have. This will also boost the leagues’ popularity and fanbase.

However, the PMSL is positive for the game. Teams will be able to receive a portion of esports competition revenue directly through a franchised league as opposed to relying on prize pools. They will be able to secure better sponsorship deals thanks to the stability that comes with franchising.

PUGB World Cup

Not The First Nor Last Franchise

PUBG Mobile esports are no strangers to the franchised system. For instance, a franchised league called the Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) exists in China. The PUBG Mobile Japan League has a slightly similar structure in Japan as well (PMJL).

A franchised league will be introduced into the global esports ecosystem for the first time with the PMSL, and if it is successful, it will be expanded to other areas.

Even if the league is a success, it might be difficult to expand the franchised model to other areas. SEA is the ideal market for PUBG Mobile because it has established esports organizations and a sizable fan base.

In other regions, a lack of esports organizations may not be able to invest in the industry, Take India for example, because of their omission, a lot of players don’t get to showcase their skills.  While there are esports organizations in Western markets, PUBG Mobile is not as well-liked there. The franchised league could eventually expand to Latin America and the Middle East, but that will depend on how well the PMSL does.

More news about PMSL is awaited. If you liked this article feel free to check out some of our other works on our website.  

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