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Powerful Overwatch 2 Characters in the Lore

Powerful Overwatch 2 Characters in the Lore

    Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Overwatch 2 characters have interesting stories. Video game lore is an interesting topic to discuss. Overwatch lore is an exciting venture to explore and share with others. With the diversity in backgrounds, this universe with real-life elements proves enriching. 

There is something to consider when discussing lore, and it is character power levels. How do we measure up power in the Overwatch Universe?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and be familiar with the world. Overwatch is set in a future Earth full of conflict and robots—not a lot different from the present. The difference being the robots are sentient, and the discrimination shifted toward them. Despite the difference in origins, characters have good power scaling.


Image of Tracer from Overwatch 2

Lena Oxton is a skilled pilot handpicked to test an experimental fighter called the “Slipstream.” It was doomed to fail, as a malfunction in the system caused her to disappear. It was months later that Lena resurfaced, but she seemed different from before. 

Her body became desynchronized with time due to chronal disassociation, a side effect of the incident. The scientist Winston helped her with the device she wears on her chest, the chronal accelerator. Undoubtedly, she became the strongest among the Overwatch 2 characters in the lore.

Tracer leads the charge in being a powerful Overwatch character due to her relationship with time. Her abilities in the game involve changing her position using time. Though her ultimate ability is a throwable bomb, her mobility is her prime factor. 

A skirmisher specializing in backline takedowns, Tracer is a woman in and out of time. If you want to learn more about Overwatch 2, check out more articles on the website. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest esports and gaming news.


Image of Overwatch 2 Character Reaper

Gabriel Reyes is a hardened veteran, much like Jack Morrison and Ana Amari. He served under Overwatch as its first Strike Commander, and later as Blackwatch leader. The efficiency that comes with being in Blackwatch gives one a perspective of a bleak world. 

However, For Gabriel, he wanted absolute justice for the crimes committed by evildoers. After an incident, Gabriel changed forever and became Reaper. Reaper charges the backline with his ability to phase in and out of sight.

The person that gave him this ability is Dr. Moira, who caused his great pain as a by-product. Despite this, Reaper can replenish himself with those he kills, sapping them of vitality. He is Talon’s most valuable forward asset in eliminating Talon’s enemies and former Overwatch agents.


Image of Sigma from Overwatch 2

Siebren de Kuiper is a renowned astrophysicist in the field of harnessing gravity. With an eccentric personality, de Kuiper held steadfast in his research. When the time came, he experimented on the International Space Station, something went wrong. 

A black hole formed in his experiments, and his brief exposure was enough to change him. His evacuation came after, and it’s kept in a secret facility—until Talon set him free. Subject Sigma is a human that can manipulate gravity.

After his failed experiment, gravitational anomalies manifested at the slight expense of his emotions. This unwieldy power is an opportunity for Talon, to seek to break him out. His mind collapsed as a byproduct of this experiment. Talon uses him without his knowledge, and he is unaware of the effects of his power on everything.

These are only a few of the most powerful Overwatch 2 characters in the lore. You might find it interesting that we didn’t mention any Omnics or the Shimadas. Well, since it involves sentient technology and dragons, that discussion should be for another time.

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