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Playstation 2022 Wrap-up. How Did Your 2022 Go?

Playstation 2022 Wrap-up. How Did Your 2022 Go?

    Last Updated on December 17, 2022

The 2022 Wrap-Up is here, thanks to Sony. In Sony’s PlayStation 2022 Wrap-up, the feature showcases your activities on your PlayStation consoles for the whole year. It highlights the moments and memories made on the console this 2022.

Like the previous PlayStation year summaries, the 2022 Wrap-Up shows off your 2022 gaming CV. The feature lets you share your highlights with friends and shows your total playtime to the PlayStation community. 

Players can see the summary of everything they did on the console. These include their trophy totals, the number of games played, the total hours played, and the number of games downloaded. The PlayStation Wrap-Up covers PlayStation account owners’ time and games logged on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The 2022 Wrap-Up was made available from December 13, 2022, and will last until January 13, 2023. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 console users can access and share their 2022 Wrap-Up highlights for the duration stated above.

Wrap-Up Highlights

What Happened in the Wrap-Up?

The Wrap-Up is already prominent for years with so many platforms, not just Sony, making use of this feature. It adds a more profound meaning to our passion which is frowned upon looking back on its earlier years. To think that we have come this far in the field of video games, wherein we can share the moments and time we spent on games with the public. I can only hope that we made our ancestors proud. 

In its earlier years of inception, video games were only seen as a mere tool of entertainment, just an activity to do when you want to burn those precious seconds away. To the common public (or most commonly, our ever-loving parents), they only viewed playing video games as a hobby or, worse, a complete waste of time—nothing more and nothing less. 

Now that technology has evolved, the notoriety surrounding video games developed as well. Not only is the field more accepted by the public, but the majority agrees that gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and the case that pushes video games as an art form can also be a reality. 

Seeing other people in the PlayStation End of Year Wrap-Up fills up my heart with happiness. Back then, finding a place to belong was not common in video games. Sadly, in my case, a community for video games only excluded you further from society at large. 

How Important is this Event?

With the help of features such as the 2022 Wrap-Up, it opens up avenues for gamers to socialize and be part of an ever-growing community. You can even use it as a means to find other friends who share the same interests by simply posting your wrap-up on social media. 

In whatever favorite game you might have, you are not alone. There will always be other people who enjoy even the weirdest games you like and want. As far as the summary of your wrap-up goes, what matters the most are the connections we found in gaming. 

As the year nears the end, we made new friends and connections through the beautiful art of gaming. To finish this article, I would like to ask. How did your 2022 Wrap-Up go? I hope you had fun this year. Cheers to gaming and all the happiness it brings to our lives for more years to come! 

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