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A Cranked Unique Gaming Gadget of 2022

A Cranked Unique Gaming Gadget of 2022

    Last Updated on December 18, 2022

Have you heard of the PlayDate console? From the Nintendo DS to the Gameboy, the Namco Plug and Play, and many other portable gadgets, we’ve seen different methods for creating consoles that fit right into our pockets. Growing up, many of us loved a handheld gaming device of our own. Some of us even get to play with it today. But what if I told you that in 2022, one gadget stood out from the rest?

Alt text: An image of Playdate Console

The Panic Playdate is a small, cute, and comfortable gaming console that lets you play games with a retro feel. Other than its size, what makes the playdate unique is that its game library has a variety of games you might like. It’s like an out-of-this-world Gameboy.

At a scale of 75 x 74 x 9 mm, it’s small enough to be as much as the size of a smartphone cut in half. A 400 x 240, the 1-bit display takes up half the space of the gadget and can showcase stunning visuals in black and white. 

Below the screen, you have a nice-looking D-pad and two face buttons. Besides, the display is a function used in different kinds of games. It has different types of mechanics that depend on each game. Some use it to scroll down text; others use it to control vehicles, spaceships, and even surfboards. One game even uses the crank to stir up magical potions. 

PlayDate Console

But don’t worry; despite its size, it won’t be annoying because it folds into the device when not in use.

How do I get games for my PlayDate?

Aside from its unique look and crank, The Playdate stands out because of how you gain access to games.

Everyone who buys the handheld will have the chance to get a season of games. As soon as you start up your device and have an internet connection, Season 1 starts automatically. Following that, you will have two games downloaded on the console for one week. In total, there are 24 games. Game sizes are also small, and it’ll take time to occupy the maximum storage capacity of 4 GB. 

What’s awesome is that when the console is in sleep mode, it displays a clock. You can wake it up by pressing the top button twice.

Alt text: An image of the PlayDate Console 

The playdate sure was a head-turner. It was an excellent way to demonstrate how crazy the ideas might work. Sure, it was unreal at first glance, but given the performance and the feel, the console gives, now I know why it is one of the most loved handheld gadgets that were released in 2022. 

Now the new gen of handheld consoles is starting to take over aside from the success of Nintendo Switch, and the newly arrived Steam Deck from Valve is gaining attention. Playdate is just cruising on all of that attention.

And even though it’s not a device that may change the course of handheld gaming, it surely gives a vibe that’ll match that retro gamer’s heart.

Would you like a PlayDate for yourself too? Share your thoughts in the comment section. If you liked the article, explore our other website articles to stay updated on recent gaming news. 

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