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Playdate Announces 4 New Games, and a Cranky Calculator?

Playdate Announces 4 New Games, and a Cranky Calculator?

    Last Updated on April 13, 2023

Last month’s retro console release, Playdate, just released its first wave of new games in its catalog. According to the system’s official Twitter announcement, five new titles are up for grabs. Or should we say 4 games and a cheeky one? These titles are Core Fault, Gravity Express, Sparrow Solitaire, Life’s Too Short, and Crankulator.

Core Fault, the official headliner of the first Playdate game catalog update, is a fun survival game. It puts players in control of a mining droid as it gathers nearby resources while avoiding hostile aliens. The next three games, meanwhile, are more straightforward. Gravity Express is a physics-driven flying game, Sparrow Solitare is mahjong, and Life’s Too Short is a puzzle game with a bit of horror.

However, what we believe is the most interesting of the bunch is the Crankulator game. Well, that is if it can even be considered a game. The Crankulator, true to its name, is a crank calculator through and through. It is a basic calculator that makes use of the handheld console’s crank feature and that’s it. While some may see its gimmick as ineffective, we certainly think it’s cheekily interesting. We may even try buying a Playdate just to try Crankculator alone!

Nevertheless, these titles range from $1 to $10. Look for them on Playdate’s official website by following the link.

What is Playdate?

The Playdate is a handheld gaming console looking to recapture the magic of the old generations with its inventive retro aesthetic. It can fit in your pocket and has a look reminiscent of the original Gameboy. This bright yellow system is brought to us by the creative geniuses of Portland, Oregon-based software company Panic. Gamers may know them as the team behind critically-acclaimed games Firewatch and Untitled Goose Game,

However, what separates Playdate from other retro-themed systems that came before, is its intuitive crank control mechanism. Unlike most systems, Playdate relies on this cute crank to control some of its games. This not only ensures players will have fun but also enhances the retro analog feel even more. You can get a Playdate for yourself for $199, according to their website.

Here are the technical specifications of the Playdate:

  • Battery: 14 days standby, 8 hours active
  • CPU: 180Mhz Cortex M7
  • Display: 400×240 1-bit high-contrast black and white
  • Size: 76x74x9 millimeters
  • RAM: 16MB
  • Storage Capacity: 32KB L1 cache, 4GB flash
  • Sound: Built-in mono speaker, Headphone jack, Microphone
  • Wireless Features: 802.11bgn 2,4GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Playdate’s Games Catalog

Considering that Playdate is only been in the market for a month, having a thin games catalog is understandable. As it currently stands, Playdate’s game catalog only has 21 titles. Nevertheless, Panic is seemingly dedicated to delivering a steady stream of quirky games that fully use the console’s unique features for the days and months to come. While these games certainly won’t be all-time classics any time soon, they can serve as a lovely good time. They are excellent time wasters and a great reminder of how far the gaming industry has come.

Image of Playdate

Today’s Retro Gaming Scene

In an age where games are now becoming more and more life-like, it is interesting to see that there is still substantial demand for retro gaming. Is it because people love to revisit the good old days? Or perhaps it’s just their way of appreciating the gaming industry’s foundations. Whatever the reason may be, retro gaming is alive and well. And thanks to systems like the Playdate, the scene is perhaps just as strong as before.

So, do you have a Panic Playdate? If yes, will you be picking up the five newly-announced titles? Which caught your attention the most? Share your thoughts by commenting below. For more gaming news, visit our website and make sure to follow us on our socials.

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