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Pharah Overwatch 2: The Flying Soldier You Just Love to Hate

Pharah Overwatch 2: The Flying Soldier You Just Love to Hate

    Last Updated on July 19, 2023

Greetings, fellow Overwatch 2 fans! Today, we dive into the skies of our beloved game to discuss a character who simultaneously evokes both awe and annoyance. She soars above the battlefield, raining rockets upon her foes, and yes, we’re talking about none other than Pharah! While we can’t deny the incredible thrill of playing her, we must also acknowledge why many players find her to be a delightful yet vexing adversary. Here is why many players find Pharah of Overwatch 2 annoying to play against.

The Sound of Justice Terrifyingly Envelops the Skies

Picture this: You’re locked in a heated firefight, absorbed in the intensity of the moment, when suddenly, you hear it—the distinctive sound of Pharah’s jetpack igniting. It’s like an auditory wake-up call that signals imminent trouble. It’s undeniable that this audio cue alone can send shivers down the spines of even the most experienced players. Brace yourselves, my friends, for the aerial assault is about to commence!

Pharah’s ability to soar high above the battlefield grants her a unique advantage that can drive her foes to the edge of frustration. From her lofty perch, she surveys the field with an eagle eye, calculating her next barrage of rockets. Her vantage point allows her to swiftly identify weak spots and exploit them, leaving her opponents scrambling for cover. It’s no wonder players find themselves frustrated by her omnipresence in the sky!

Overwatch 2 Pharah’s Barrage of Rockets and Impressive Toolkit

Overwatch 2 Pharah’s Barrage of Rockets

Oh, the sheer delight of unleashing the ultimate weapon—Pharah’s Rocket Barrage! When she shouts, “Justice rains from above!” it’s as if a symphony of destruction begins. With rockets hurtling towards their targets, it becomes a frenzied dance of dodging, ducking, and praying for survival. Surviving a Barrage can feel like a heroic achievement. However, let’s admit it, there’s always a sense of annoyance when you’re the one in the crossfire!

As if her rockets weren’t enough, Overwatch 2 Pharah possesses a disruptive tool in her arsenal—the Concussive Blast. With a swift blast, she can knock enemies off ledges, separate teams, or interrupt crucial abilities. It’s almost as if she’s playing a game of aerial ping pong, bouncing her enemies around for her own amusement. While it’s playful and amusing in its own right, being on the receiving end can be a maddening experience.

Moreover, Overwatch 2 Pharah’s jetpack offers her a freedom of movement that is unrivaled, making her an incredibly slippery target to pin down. She swiftly evades oncoming attacks, dashes behind cover, and repositions herself with ease. Players find themselves frustrated as they attempt to keep up with her unpredictable aerial acrobatics, sometimes feeling as if they’re trying to catch a cloud in their hands.


So there you have it, fellow fans of Overwatch 2! Pharah, the charismatic and elusive aviator, dances through the skies with a blend of joy and annoyance. Her commanding presence, aerial dominance, and relentless rocket barrages make her a force to be reckoned with. While her playstyle might frustrate players on the receiving end, let’s remember to appreciate the exhilaration and skill it takes to master the skies with such finesse. Whether you love her or loathe her, Pharah of Overwatch 2 undoubtedly adds a touch of playful chaos to our lovely team-based shooter game!

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