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Persona 5 Royal Best Romance Options

Persona 5 Royal Best Romance Options

    Last Updated on October 1, 2023

Persona 5 Royal is a captivating RPG known for its rich storytelling, memorable characters, and a unique twist on the high school experience. Beyond its compelling narrative and gameplay, one aspect that draws players in is the opportunity for romance. With many romance options available in the game, we narrowed it down to the Persona 5 Royal Best Romance options.

In this article, we delve into the world of Persona 5 Royal Best Romance options to give you an insight into each one of them.


Persona 5 Royal Best Personas You Must Have

#1 Ann Takamaki – The First Phantom Thief

Ann Takamaki. Top 1 Persona 5 Royal Best Romances

Ann Takamaki is not only the first female Phantom Thief but also one of the best and most popular romance choices in Persona 5 Royal. Her vivacious personality and striking appearance make her a standout character. As players progress through the game, they’ll find that Ann’s character goes beyond the surface. Her personal story adds depth to her character, making her a fan favorite and a top choice for romance.

Ann’s journey as a Phantom Thief starts with her dealing with the challenges of being an outsider at Shujin Academy due to her foreign heritage. The initial impression players get of Ann is that of a model student with an enchanting beauty. Her character, though initially perceived as superficial, gradually reveals her vulnerabilities and determination as she opens up to Joker.

#2 Makoto Nijima – The Queen of Hearts

An image of Makoto Nijima. Top 2 Persona 5 Royal Best Romance

Makoto Nijima, often considered the queen by her fans, is another compelling romance option. Her importance to the Phantom Thieves and the overall plot cannot be understated. Players will appreciate how romancing Makoto brings out a more flustered and shy side of her character, revealing a new dimension to her personality.

Makoto’s journey in the game is one of growth and self-discovery. As the student council president, she initially comes across as uptight and rule-bound. However, as players spend more time with her, they’ll discover a more relaxed and affectionate side. Her romance arc beautifully showcases her transformation from a strict authoritarian figure to a young woman who’s comfortable showing her vulnerability.

#3 Kasumi Yoshizawa – The Wholesome Romance

An image of Kasumi Yoshizawa. Top 3 Persona 5 Royal Best Romance

Persona 5 Royal introduces a new romanceable character in the form of Kasumi Yoshizawa, a graceful gymnast. Kasumi’s polite and shy demeanor, coupled with her confident nature, makes her a unique and heartwarming choice for romance. As players progress through her Confidant ranks, they’ll witness her character transformation and the deepening of her connection with Joker.

Kasumi Yoshizawa brings a breath of fresh air to the Persona 5 Royal romance options. Her introduction into the story may be later compared to others, but it’s well worth the wait. She represents a more innocent and wholesome romance path, and her personal story is a testament to her resilience and determination. As players unlock her Confidant ranks, they’ll see her evolve from a shy and reserved individual to someone who’s willing to take risks and follow her heart.

#4 Futaba Sakura – The Unusual Request

An image of Futaba Sakura

Futaba Sakura‘s romance path takes an unconventional turn as she asks Joker to steal her heart. Her connection to Sojiro adds an intriguing layer to her character. What makes her romance compelling is the emphasis on trust and interaction with Joker, making it one of the best in the game. Futaba Sakura’s character arc is one of personal growth and overcoming her inner demons. Her initial request to Joker to change her life sets the stage for a deep and meaningful connection.

As players assist her in overcoming her social anxiety and reintegration into society, they’ll witness her transformation into a more confident and self-assured individual. Futaba’s romance is about healing and finding acceptance, and it’s a journey players won’t want to miss.

#5 Tae Takemi – The Mysterious Goth Doctor

An image of Tae Takemi

For those looking for something different, Tae Takemi stands out as a romance option due to her unique and mysterious character. Despite ethical concerns about her profession, spending time with Tae reveals her kind and compassionate nature. Additionally, her tests yield positive results, and her Confidant ability enhances the quality of recovery items available at the clinic.

Tae Takemi’s character is a testament to the game’s ability to subvert expectations. On the surface, she appears as a goth doctor who experiments with drugs, which raises eyebrows. However, as players engage with her, they’ll uncover a woman deeply committed to helping others, even if her methods are unconventional. Her romance path provides a unique perspective on love and dedication, making it a valuable addition to Persona 5 Royal’s romance options.


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#6 Hifumi Togo – The High School Shogi Champion

An image of Hifumi Togo

Hifumi Togo, a romance option outside the Phantom Thieves, offers a unique perspective. While not as plot-relevant, she brings valuable benefits to the table. Her Confidant ability allows players to swap team members in the middle of a fight, adding dynamism to battles.

Hifumi Togo is a character who stands out due to her expertise in shogi and her intriguing Confidant ability. As players spend time with her, they’ll learn about her struggles with her overbearing mother and her passion for the game of shogi. Her romance path showcases her determination to break free from the constraints placed upon her and pursue her own dreams. For players seeking both strategic advantages in battles and a unique romance experience, Hifumi is an excellent choice.

#7 Haru Okumura – The Latecomer with Charm

An image of Haru Okumura

Haru Okumura‘s late appearance in the game may disappoint some players, but she’s worth the wait. Her kind, adorable, and tough personality makes her an endearing character. The drama of her arranged marriage adds depth to her romance path.

Haru Okumura’s character introduction comes relatively late in Persona 5 Royal, but she quickly establishes herself as a beloved member of the Phantom Thieves. Her combination of elegance and strength makes her a standout character. Haru’s romance path delves into the complexities of her family and her determination to carve her own path in life. As players progress through her Confidant ranks, they’ll witness her growth and the blossoming of her romance with Joker.

#8 Sadayo Kawakami – The Unconventional Teacher Romance

An image of Sadayo.

While romancing Sadayo Kawakami may raise ethical concerns, her character is undeniably entertaining. Players will appreciate her personal story and dedication to a good cause. Kawakami’s Confidant benefits can be a game-changer, making her an intriguing choice.

Sadayo Kawakami’s romance path adds an unconventional twist to the game. As a teacher, her romance is fraught with ethical dilemmas, but it also provides a unique perspective on love and dedication. Kawakami’s character journey explores the sacrifices she makes for her students and her pursuit of a better life. Her Confidant benefits, which include the ability to perform activities at night, make her a valuable ally and a compelling romance option.

#9 Chihaya Mifune – The Fortune Teller’s Challenge

An image of Chihaya, one of the Persona 5 Royal Best Romance

Chihaya Mifune may not be the most popular romanceable character, but her endearing and somewhat gullible personality makes her a wholesome choice. Players must overcome challenges like purchasing a key item to continue her story. Unlocking her Confidant ability is a valuable asset, even if players choose not to romance her.

Chihaya Mifune offers a unique romantic experience in Persona 5 Royal. Her character is characterized by her gullibility and innocence, making her an endearing presence. While some players may find her romance path challenging due to specific requirements, those who undertake the challenge will discover a heartwarming story. While she placed last in the Persona 5 Royal Best Romance list, feel free to give her a chance.

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