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Persona 5 Royal Best Personas You Must Have in Your Roster

Persona 5 Royal Best Personas You Must Have in Your Roster

    Last Updated on September 27, 2023

The Persona franchise requires the protagonist to amass Personas to utilize in battle. Persona 5 Royal is no different, and it is more important than ever that you have the best in your arsenal. The Persona 5 Royal best Personas can make your whole playthrough as easy as it can be.

This list comprises the best of the best the game can offer when it comes to Personas. These are the cream of the crop that you should look for in your Phantom Thieving adventures. These Personas are ranked based on their overall usefulness in battle.

In this article, we will talk about the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas you must have in your arsenal.

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10. Bugs– The Buffer

An image of Bugs

Bugs starts off this list as a creepy-looking Teddy bear with a ton of utility. Having Auto-Mataru already sets this persona far above the rest. Giving your entire team a boosted attack at the battle’s start allows you to focus on heavy-hitting attacks immediately. Bugs is also a great support persona with its trait of Group Hypnosis.

This trait extends the time of a buff from this persona by another turn. Only three turns of the buff can go by quickly, and adding a fourth makes it feel even longer. While Bugs doesn’t learn many support skills himself, you can utilize skill cards or fusion to learn the perfect support skills for your team.

9. Sandalphon- The All-Rounder

An image of Sandalphon

Sandalphon is a great all-around persona, learning a powerful almighty attack, insta-kill abilities, and powerful healing abilities. In addition, it has well-rounded stats that are balanced. Sandalphon’s trait increases instant-kill probabilities, which makes its medium chance skill much more likely to happen.

Sandalphon learns Samarecarm, which revives and fully heals a party member, along with Amrita Shower, which cures the whole party from any status effects. Sandalphon also learns a passive skill that increases its evasion rate against most attacks while also learning a colossal physical attack that deals incredible damage.

8. SurtThe Fire Mage

An image of Surt

Surt specializes in incredibly high fire damage magic. While he only learns one fire spell himself, Blazing Hell is all he needs. This spell does serve damage to all foes, and he learns physical attacks that do colossal damage to one or all foes.

Surt also learns the passive skills Heated Bloodline, which halves all fire skills SP costs, and Fire Amp, which increases fire damage by 50%. His trait also offers the chance to further half the cost of fire spells, and Blazing Hell will be the majority of what you’ll do with this persona.

7. Shiki-OujiMulti-Resistant Physical Attacker

An image of Shika-Ouji

While Sjiki-Ouji is an early-game persona, you can find in Madarame’s palace his defensive abilities carry out through the rest of the game. He is resistant to physical, gun, bless, and curse damage. Shiki-Ouji has one of the highest number of resistances of any persona.

Shiki-Ouji specializes in psychic damage, also learning Psychic Bloodline to halve the cost of all psychic spells. While he learns all of his abilities by level 24, skill cards can be used to keep him relevant later in the game.

6. Black FrostThe Dark Mage

An image of Black Frost

Many people see the Frost characters as fun little poster children of Atlus’ games. While they are usually early-game demons, Black Frost is a drastic change. Black Frost does use ice spells but learns spells to do heavy or severe ice damage to all enemies.

It also learns heavy physical and gun abilities and Ice Amp to further boost its ice damage. Its trait gives it a chance to halve the cost of ice abilities, which is helpful for when he learns Diamond dust, the best single target ice ability in the game.

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5. MariaThe Healer

An image of Maria. Top 5 of Persona 5 Royal Best Personas

Maria is one of the greatest recovery personas that’s always worth having in your back pocket in battle. Salvation is the greatest healing spell in the base game, healing all party members to full health and curing them of all status ailments.

Maria also learns Holy Benevolence, which revives and fully heals all party members. The passive ability Ave Maria reduces recovery spells SP cost by 75%, perfect for a recovery-only persona. Also, learning abilities to regenerate Joker’s health and SP each turn makes this persona perfect for healing yourself and everyone else.

4. Satan- The Best Ice Mage

An image of Satan. Top 4 Persona 5 Royal Best Personas

Satan is the best ice-based persona in the game, learning both Diamond Dust and Ice Age, both dealing severe damage. Also, learning a severe almighty-based attack gives this persona some of the highest damage output in the game.

Cocytus lowers the cost of ice spells by 75%, perfect for a persona using the strongest ice magic in the game. Adding in Concentrate, attacks from this persona can take out most enemies, even bosses, in a few turns.

3. Lucifer- The Demonic Juggernaut

An image of Lucifer. Top 3 Persona 5 Royal best Personas.

Lucifer drains physical and curse damage while resisting fire, ice, electric, and wind. Getting hurt while using this persona is not a concern. He also learns Heat Riser, which boosts attack, defense, and agility for the next three turns.

Lucifer comes with a unique skill, Morning Star. This skill does severe almighty damage to all enemies and with Allure of Wisdom, at 75% less SP. He also excels in physical damage, being able to do colossal damage to all enemies.

2. Satanael- The Almighty Archangel

An image of Satanael. Top 2 Persona 5 Royal best Personas.

This is Joker’s ultimate persona initially given to finish off Yaldabaoth. While you do have to wait until a New Game + playthrough to get him, he is more than worth the wait and quickly breaks your second run. To be honest, Satanael should be the best among the rest with the exception of the number one of this list.

Satanael is able to do heavy curse attacks and severe almighty, gun, and nuclear. Satanael has a wider range of elemental abilities making him more useful than other powerful one-trick personas. Victory cry recovers Joker’s HP and SP at the end of every battle, allowing you to always go all-out and not have to worry about conservation.

1. Yoshitsune

An image of Yoshitsune. Top 1 Persona 5 Royal best Personas.

Yoshitsune is undoubtedly the best Persona in the game. She greatly excels in physical damage, and also learning very strong lightning magic. Hassou Tobi does light physical damage to all enemies eight times each. He also learns Charge, which boosts his next physical attack by 150%, making short work of even most bosses.

Yoshitsune also learns a great number of passive abilities. With his trait, Retaliating Body, his counter damage is doubled, and with his abilities already has a high counter rate. Also, teaching him to repel or drain skills makes you almost untouchable while also dealing incredible damage.

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