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Overwatch 2 Players Speculate on New “Play of the Game” Feature

Overwatch 2 Players Speculate on New “Play of the Game” Feature

    Last Updated on August 17, 2023

In the heart of Overwatch 2’s Season 6, a remarkable shift emerged that caught the attention of players and fans alike. Traditionally, the “Play of the Game” (POTG) feature showcased the heroic actions of a single character. But now, a new trend emerged: the “shared” POTG. Rather than focusing solely on one hero’s prowess, these shared POTGs celebrated teamwork, showing coordinated efforts that led to victory. This article delves into the curious phenomenon of shared POTGs, exploring their impact on Overwatch 2’s gameplay dynamics.

Teamwork and Highlighting Game-Changing Moments

Overwatch 2’s shared POTGs harmonize with the development team’s vision of emphasizing teamwork and widening the scope of extraordinary in-game moments. Aaron Keller, the Game Director, revealed that the intention behind this evolution of the POTG feature was to spotlight the collaborative efforts of players, moving away from individual plays.

This change underscores Overwatch 2’s commitment to nurturing a gameplay experience rooted in cooperation and strategy. It beckons players to unite their efforts, weaving together excellent instances that capture the very essence of the game. 

Shared Play of the Game OW2

A well-received video circulating on platforms such as X and Reddit featured a Ramattra using Annihilation to take out enemies. This smoothly transitioned into a Trancending Zenyatta, who not only offered vital team support but also secured extra eliminations. Watching this clip, along with similar ones, amazed players and ignited their excitement about the possibilities that the new POTG system could offer in Overwatch 2.

Shared Play of the Game: Bugs or an Early Unveiling? 

While players embraced the advent of shared POTGs, certain speculations arose about their origin. The question on everyone’s minds: is this an intended feature, or an unexpected outcome brought by bugs? Instances where the perspective quickly shifted to an opposing hero during shared POTGs raised suspicions, hinting at potential glitches.

Curiously, the official Overwatch 2 “known issues” forum omitted shared Play of the Games from its list of recognized bugs. This omission invites speculation about the true nature of this novel feature. It raises the possibility that it might have been unintentionally revealed prior to its intended release. Nevertheless, going by the reception of fans, the shared POTGs certainly look like a welcome change. Now, let’s see Blizzard’s next move following this development.


The shared Play of the Game in Overwatch 2 marks a pivotal step in the game’s ongoing evolution. This shift from the norm of highlighting single heroic feats shines a light on the value of collaboration. Of course, also strategic unity in getting the victory. As players continue to create awesome moments through coordinated teamwork, the Overwatch community eagerly awaits further insights from the developers regarding the genesis of shared POTGs. Whether a product of intentional design or lucky coding, the shared POTGs stand as a testament to the boundless potential of working together in the realm of video game excellence.

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