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Overwatch 2 New Hero Leaked by Blizzard President

Overwatch 2 New Hero Leaked by Blizzard President

    Last Updated on August 2, 2023

Overwatch 2 is set to bring forth a wave of new content that has fans buzzing with excitement. Recent leaks by Blizzard President Mike Ybarra have provided tantalizing details about upcoming additions to the game. This includes an Overwatch 2 new hero and several captivating invasion-themed skins.

Blizzard President Leaks Upcoming Invasion Additions

As Overwatch 2’s 6th season approaches, players are eagerly awaiting the launch of the long-awaited PvE missions and perhaps a new hero as well. This new content promises to introduce three enthralling story missions and a core game mode called Flashpoint. The release date has been confirmed for August 10, marking a significant milestone for dedicated Overwatch players who have been eagerly anticipating this update.

The excitement surrounding Overwatch 2 reached new heights when Blizzard decorated their campus to celebrate the upcoming season. Among the campus decorations, a special Mythic Ana skin stood out, featuring Ana transformed into a possible Omnic. However, there is speculation about whether this new Overwatch 2 hero skin hints at a story spoiler. While some believe that it’s merely an exploration of a “what-if” scenario outside the canon. Blizzard President Mike Ybarra shared a tweet showcasing the campus decorations, but he deleted it almost immediately after. Thankfully, vigilant fans managed to save and reupload the image on Reddit, spreading the excitement even further.

Blizzard President Leaks Upcoming Invasion Additions

The leaked image also provided a glimpse of what appears to be Overwatch 2’s new support hero. Although details are scarce, the developers have dropped hints that this hero wields a highly unique weapon. Gamers are eagerly speculating and awaiting more information about this mysterious addition to the Overwatch roster. By all means and purposes, the team expects it to bring exciting new dynamics to the game’s team composition.

In addition to the Mythic Ana skin and the Overwatch 2 new support hero, the leaked image showcased other Overwatch heroes donning Omnic-style skins. Characters like Reaper, Cassidy, Pharah, and Genji were also in the picture, sparking intriguing discussions among the community. However, it remains uncertain whether these skins will be obtainable through the Battle Pass or if they will be available for separate purchases.


As the launch date for Overwatch 2 Invasion update draws near, excitement continues to build within the gaming community. The leaks by Blizzard President Mike Ybarra have given players a tantalizing glimpse into the upcoming content, including an Overwatch 2 new hero and visually stunning invasion-themed skins. With anticipation reaching a fever pitch, fans eagerly await further news and updates regarding Overwatch 2’s latest additions. Stay tuned as the world of Overwatch prepares to embark on new adventures and challenges in this highly awaited large Overwatch 2 update.

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