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Overwatch 2 Invasion Trailer Reveals Illari

Overwatch 2 Invasion Trailer Reveals Illari

    Last Updated on August 10, 2023

Overwatch 2 is set to introduce a vibrant new addition to its hero roster. Illari, the support hero with Peruvian roots and a passion for the sun. With her solar-powered gunblade and unique skills, Illari is poised to make a significant impact on the game’s meta. As the 38th hero to join the fray, Illari brings not only her impressive skills but also a piece of her Peruvian heritage to the battlefield. Let’s learn more about this new hero as she makes her first appearance in the new Overwatch 2 Invasion trailer.

Illari: The Solar-Powered Force from Peru

At the core of Illari’s arsenal is her solar-powered gunblade. It is a weapon that grants her versatility in both short-range hitscan and long-range attacks. While the specifics of her skills are yet to be fully unveiled by Blizzard, the Invasion trailer provides a great glimpse into her true potential. A standout moment shows Illari’s precision as she quickly takes down an ulting Pharah from a distance. Thus, demonstrating her marksmanship skills. Truly, the new Overwatch 2 Invasion trailer is a delight to watch.

Overwatch 2: Invasion | Official Trailer | New Support Hero, Flashpoint, and More

One of Illari’s most eye-catching skills is her ultimate, Captive Sun. This powerful move takes Illari into the air similar to Pharah. It gives her the opportunity to rain down a solar-powered bomb on enemies below, dealing significant AoE damage. Additionally, Illari possesses a healing turret akin to Symmetra’s turrets. Although the trailer depicts her summoning just one healing turret, players can speculate that she might have the ability to deploy multiple turrets. Moreover, her agile evasive moves hint at her capacity to escape from dire situations, enhancing her survivability.

Illari’s introduction brings about notable changes to Overwatch 2’s meta gameplay. With her complex toolkit and high skill ceiling, she joins the ranks of elite healers like Ana. She offers players a compelling and engaging playstyle. As teams adapt to incorporate Illari into their strategies, the dynamics of team compositions and tactical approaches are likely to undergo shifts. Her unique combination of healing and damage-dealing skills could potentially reshape the way battles commence on the battlefield.

Overwatch 2’s Invasion Update and Other Season 6 Content

Illari’s arrival coincides with the Invasion update, making her a crucial part of it as seen from the Overwatch 2 Invasion trailer. This update introduces a story-driven PvE component that pits players against the formidable Null Sector omnics, as they strive to thwart the liberation of fellow omnics from human control. The Flashpoint game mode adds another layer of excitement, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Overwatch 2's Invasion Update and Other Season 6 Content

Season 6 brings not only Illari but also two new PvP maps: Survasa and New Junk City. These new additions expand the game’s diverse range of battlegrounds. The Hero Mastery mode offers players the chance to hone their skills with heroes like Mercy and Reinhardt through immersive battle simulations against AI-controlled enemies. The co-op event set in the curious “underworld” promises cooperative gameplay experiences that will leave players enthralled.

Furthermore, Overwatch 2’s anniversary event allows players to earn new omnic-inspired hero skins, paying homage to the Null Sector enemies that feature prominently in the Invasion event. These visually stunning skins offer a fresh layer of customization and personalization for players to enjoy.


With Illari’s entry into Overwatch 2’s hero roster, the game is ready for a shift in meta and gameplay dynamics. Her unique blend of healing and offensive skills, make her a fascinating addition to the game’s diverse cast. Of course, also her noteworthy Peruvian heritage. This is all shown incredibly well in the Overwatch 2 Invasion trailer. As players explore Illari’s solar-powered prowess and engage with the immersive Invasion update, Overwatch 2’s ongoing evolution promises exciting experiences for both new and returning players alike.

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