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Overwatch 2 Illari Immediately Accessible to Xbox Players

Overwatch 2 Illari Immediately Accessible to Xbox Players

    Last Updated on August 5, 2023

Overwatch 2 enthusiasts are in for a treat as Season 6 and OW2 Invasion bring a host of thrilling updates. The highlight of this latest expansion is the introduction of a brand-new support hero: Illari. And although the new hero’s skillset is still a mystery, it promises to add a fresh dynamic to the game. Now, thanks to a collaboration with Xbox, players can unlock Illari right away. Thus, giving avid Xbox gamers the chance to enjoy the new hero much earlier than most.

Unlocking The New Overwatch 2 Support Hero: Illari

Unlocking Illari has been made convenient for players subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Starting from August 10, the Overwatch 2 New Heroes Starter Pack will be available as one of the exclusive perks of the Ultimate tier. By opting for this subscription, players gain immediate access not only to Illari but also to five other new heroes. That being Sojourn, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Ramattra, and Lifeweaver.

For players who prefer not to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, there’s still a way to obtain Illari instantly. By purchasing the Invasion PvE content, they will receive enough Overwatch coins to acquire a Battle Pass. This grants access to unlock Overwatch 2 Illari, along with the chance to explore all the incredible abilities and features the new hero has to offer.

Despite the leak of an image of Illari and some skins by Blizzard President Mike Ybarra, the specific details about Illari’s abilities and gameplay are yet to be revealed. However, fans can rest easy knowing that more information will be available in the days leading up to the August 10 launch.

Final Thoughts

Overwatch 2’s ever-expanding roster now welcomes Illari, a much-anticipated addition to the game’s support heroes. With the seamless partnership between Overwatch 2 and Xbox, players have the opportunity to unlock Illari effortlessly through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or the Invasion PvE content. Stay tuned for further updates and details about Illari and the exciting features coming with Season 6 and OW2 Invasion. 

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