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Overwatch 2 Competitive Changes Are Coming; Says Devs

Overwatch 2 Competitive Changes Are Coming; Says Devs

    Last Updated on September 7, 2023

In the world of Overwatch 2, avid players have found themselves grappling with a notable shift in how they track their competitive rank. Unlike the original game, where Skill Rating (SR) shifts occur after each match, Overwatch 2 now demands players to win five matches before revealing their new rank. This change has left many feeling confused, frustrated, and wary of their competitive journey. To their credit, the game’s dev team is seemingly gearing up for some Overwatch 2 competitive changes to answer these concerns.

Developers Promise Change

Thankfully, the Overwatch 2 development team is not sitting idly by while players voice their concerns. Aaron Keller and Jared Neuss, the minds behind the game’s evolution, have recognized the need for change. They’ve confirmed that changes are indeed within the horizon for the Competitive mode. 

While exact details remain under wraps for now, Keller and Neuss have promised to unveil more information in their upcoming Director’s Take column. You won’t have to wait long too, as it is scheduled for release next week. This announcement has kindled a spark of hope among players. It signals that their feedback is not falling on deaf ears, and positive changes are on the horizon.

Mixed Reactions and Player Input

As the Overwatch community awaits the supposed changes, there exists a mixture of player reactions. Yes, some players are cautiously optimistic about the forthcoming shifts. However, others remain doubtful, harboring doubts about the developers’ commitment to correct these issues.

In the midst of these discussions, players have also shared extra comments to enhance the Competitive mode. One popular proposal is to implement more severe consequences for those who prematurely leave matches. Such behavior often places their teams at a significant disadvantage and disrupts the whole balance of the game itself. Thus, early leavers should be punished promptly.

Exploring PvE Adventures

While the Overwatch 2 Competitive mode undergoes its supposed change, players can still revel in the eagerly awaited Player versus Environment (PvE) mode. Overwatch 2’s limited-time Underworld event offers captivating gameplay experiences, providing a delightful diversion for players as the development team works diligently to address their concerns.

Final Thoughts

The Overwatch 2 community is at a crossroads, where frustration and anticipation coexist. While players have grappled with the lack of immediate feedback in the Competitive mode, the commitment of the development team to address these concerns offers a glimmer of hope. As the team prepares to unveil the specifics of their upcoming changes, player input remains invaluable. Whether it’s concerns, suggestions, or cautious optimism, the Overwatch 2 community plays a vital role in shaping the game’s future.

In the meantime, the PvE adventures beckon, inviting players to explore new horizons. Also, to embrace the diverse gameplay experiences Overwatch 2 has to offer. While challenges persist, the Overwatch spirit remains strong, and the journey continues with excitement and anticipation.

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