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Oasis Aryanna x Zeri Cosplay

Oasis Aryanna x Zeri Cosplay

    Last Updated on March 24, 2023

Get ready to meet Oasis Aryanna as the face of Zeri with her outstanding cosplay. Zeri is one of the champions of League of Legends. Riot Games partnered with Filipina cosplayer and streamer, Aryanna, to create the first-ever official Zeri cosplay.

The cosplay was for their launch event called “Ignite The Spark”, welcoming Zeri as the newest addition to the League of Legends: Wild Rift roster. Although Riot released her on January 20, 2022, they only added her to the live roster on March 12, 2023.

So, they held an unveiling event that also featured tons of activities and games for the community. The event also held a show match between Nigma Galaxy and the fans present. It even included a meet & greet with Vanille Velasquez, the voice actress of Zeri.

Lastly, the event also included the chance to meet the official Zeri cosplayer, Aryanna. This partnership is a testament to Riot Games’ effort and commitment to the community. After all, cosplaying has become a popular aspect of gaming culture.

Fortunately, we got to interview her about herself, her past cosplays, and the latest Zeri cosplay. We also got to know the behind-the-scenes and the people who support Aryanna in making the cosplay.

Aryanna x Zeri

Image of Aryanna x Zeri Cosplay Close Up

In the making of the cosplay, Aryanna worked tirelessly with Clark, from Welcome Studios, and Oasis Gaming. After all, they only had one week to execute the entire concept. In their efforts, they created an interpretation of the Zeri Champion Trailer/Cinematic. 

They also added a twist by shooting it in Intramuros, Manila. Aryanna and the team felt that it gave the same vibes as Zaun from the League of Legends universe. She also wanted to thank Otaku Equipped and Myrene Custom Wigs for helping with the cosplay.

Q: How did it feel when you were first contacted by Riot Games to cosplay as Zeri?

I was definitely so thrilled to be working again with Riot Games, but it was even a bigger honor to be contacted to be the official Zeri cosplayer for her launch in League of Legends: Wild Rift. I definitely had a happy cry about it as cosplay is something I really enjoy and am a fan personally of League of Legends, especially of Zeri. 

It’s not often you get to be the face to represent a Filipino-inspired character in an international game so this was definitely a big deal for me as I wanted to do the character justice by accurately recreating her cosplay. 

I really put all my heart into this and tried to embody zeri as much as possible. I’ve played her in (the) game, I’ve listened to her voice lines, (and) I’ve watched her cinematic trailer. So, yeah, it feels amazing and I’m glad that people have been enjoying the content.

Q: What were some of the biggest challenges in producing this video?

The time frame was obviously the biggest challenge as we only had 1 week to shoot everything. I wanted to come out with the content soon after the launch of Zeri as a part of Wild Rift so that meant shooting all our assets in one day and editing everything within a week. 

Special thanks to Welcome Studios, Dagli Films, Oasis Gaming, all the people behind the scenes, and our 2 editors for coming out with such great quality of content that we can all be proud of. They really helped bring our vision of Zeri to life and I hope people enjoy the videos and photos as much as we had fun working on this project. 

Who is Aryanna?

Aryanna is a member of Oasis Gaming and has been a content creator since the age of 15. She first started her career through blogging and YouTube videos. After that, she became a VJ for MTV for 5 years, starting in 2014.

Her fans know her for her beauty and lifestyle content. However, she’s been recently doing tons of content about gaming, technology, and cosplay. She also started cosplaying at 13 years old and her earliest cosplay was Ai Enma from Jigoku Shōjo.

She liked Ai Enma because the character was similar to Emily the Strange, the book series she enjoyed. In her younger years, she also did a French maid and Alice in Wonderland cosplay. However, as she got older, she did more cosplays not only from anime but from games as well.

Image of Aryanna Cosplaying
Image of Aryanna x Zeri Cosplay

Q: What Motivates You to Keep Cosplaying?

Cosplay is somewhat of an escape for me in (the) sense that I like that I can be whoever I want to be. Aside from, like, characters from enemies or from video games looking really cute, I also like being able to kind of bring them to life and put them in situations that are something that I feel like the characters would do.

And it motivates– What motivates me is really seeing the community’s reactions to the kind of cosplays that I come out with. Not only are they like visually– like, aesthetically pleasing, but (they) also– they help bring the character to life more.

Q: Tell us About Your Killjoy cosplays. How did it start?

Well, like any gamer during the pandemic, I’m pretty sure we’ve all played Valorant. And it was- it was my first FPS game ever and the only FPS game actually invested time to, quote-unquote, get good at and one of the agents that I really liked to play was Killjoy.

Q: Do you play League of Legends?

I’m actively playing league as of this year, but prior to that, I’ve tried it a few times. I played it a few times, but never got into it like I am now.

Q: Do you see similarities between you and Zeri? What’s your favorite part about Zeri?

I do see a lot of similarities (in) that I think we’re both go-getters and we do have that spark inside of us that just continues to make us keep going aside from the fact that we— I think both experience power outages because “Welcome to the Philippines.”

I really like her upbeat personality, you can hear it through the voice lines in the game and of course just through her overall, like, vibe and spark that she has with regard to, like, her skills. 

But, I love that– what I love about her my favorite part about Zeri outside of how she looks is of course how she sounds I think it really really captured the essence of being Filipino in her and it’s so nice to see that in-game.

Q: If you had another chance to cosplay another champion from League of Legends, who would it be?

I’ve already actually cosplayed Spirit Blossom Ahri, but if I had to do another one I’d actually want to do Lux. I’d like to do one of Lux’s skins but I’d also like to do her base skin or any– literally any Star Guardian skin champion. So maybe Star Guardian Kai’Sa? Maybe Star Guardian Sona? I don’t know, you know, I mean the opportunities and the options are endless

Q: What would your message be to other cosplayers out there hoping to make cosplay a career?

Cosplay actually started out as just a passion for me. And I grew up, myself, just being totally invested and interested in anime and manga and video games. Sometimes the creators of these enemies or the developers of games, I feel like don’t give enough content all the time.

And that’s obviously something that is out of our control. They can only do so much but I personally as a cosplayer like to help add to the narrative like to help add to the lore. And if you can offer that sort of fan service by, you know, staying true to the character, but also having fun with it and putting your own touch is, is really something that takes time. 

It’s easy to cosplay, a character you personally connect to and you personally like outside of doing one that is just popular. That looks good. But honestly, at the end of the day, cosplay for me is self-expression and a great way to just unleash your creativity. And a fun way to, like, escape. 

Have fun. And you know, whether your costume is accurate or not, (it) doesn’t matter as long as you try to imbibe the spirit of– embody the spirit of weird kind of cosplay. Yes. That’s all that matters. So, yeah, if you want to pursue it, go for it. It’s fun. And the cosplay community is very wonderful and helpful.

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