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Mobile Gaming Market Takes a Cool Off

Mobile Gaming Market Takes a Cool Off

    Last Updated on January 22, 2023

Despite being created as a fun way of burning time, A lot of mobile games offer in-game purchases. Users ranging from different games spend money acquiring the best content each game has to offer. However, a 5% fall in global spending on mobile games in 2022 puts the mobile gaming market to rest.

According to “The State of Mobile in 2023” report by app analytics Data.ai formerly known as App Annie, they see a majority of people being price sensitive and are financially more conservative.

Global app spending on games this year may decrease. Disposable income and privacy changes are expected to cause a further 3% decline to $107 billion. Regardless of the ongoing crash, first-time installs of mobile game titles rose to 8% to 90 billion. Ranking top of the charts is “hypercasual” games.

What are these purchases?

People are limiting their unnecessary spending as a result of economic challenges like rising prices and borrowing costs. Pressure has increased particularly on gaming. As consumers became more careful with money in their purchase behavior in response to rising inflation, spending on mobile games ended up falling last year.

These include exclusive in-game content such as seasonal passes, skins, and characters. The majority of these are found in online mobile games. Since the mobile gaming industry constantly relies on player base spending, a  5% fall may affect the market in specific ways.

What were the factors that contributed to this issue?

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One of the factors is the pandemic. When the pandemic arose, many establishments not only in gaming have either foreclosed or gone bankrupt. This led to a higher inflation rate. After relying heavily on indoor entertainment for years, gaming fatigue and steep inflation have impacted the squeeze.

Another reason is the practicality and putting the needs first. Now we all know that each person has a different set of conditions. A lot of in-game items are too good to not buy them. Users change their way of living hopefully to save up and buy for the next release right? Well, this method caused the 5% fall. 

Who is affected by this rest?

Not only gaming companies but also their employees and every gamer are affected by this. Companies may have to cut off employees due to expenses. Us gamers may also hold back from buying games or in-game content due to higher costs. 

A due reminder that spending on games is up to you. A lot of players still purchase in-game content despite the price changes. We can never say no to in-game purchases especially if it’s in a game we love the most. We do hope that the inflation rate lowers tho, though we still love buying and spending on the games we love. 

How do we cope with this?

Past performance doesn’t ensure future results. Although analytics say a loss will be huge, we may see a significant rise in the following months. Who knows? This year might be the year of redemption for the mobile gaming market industry as well. 

In terms of coping, we just have to continue supporting our favorite games and their developers. There are other ways we can still retain our support even without spending (if you’re still money-conservative-wise).

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