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Missing Overwatch 2 Cosmetics: What’s Going On?

Missing Overwatch 2 Cosmetics: What’s Going On?

    Last Updated on August 16, 2023

Have you ever logged into Overwatch 2 and realized that some of your favorite cosmetics are missing? Like Orisa’s cool “Who says chivalry is dead?” voice line or Bastion’s victorious Summer Game medal pose. Are you sure they are still there lurking in your inventory? Well, you’re not alone. Many players have noticed that certain cosmetics are mysteriously missing from the Hero Gallery during Season 6. But why is this causing a stir among players? Let’s break it down.

The Concerns: Why It Matters

So, you might be wondering, why is the absence of a few cosmetics causing a fuss? Well, it’s not just about those specific items. The bigger issue is the principle that things you’ve earned or paid for should stay accessible. It’s like buying a new game and finding out some levels are locked even though you’ve played them before. This can set a precedent where game companies think they can remove things without asking, and that’s what some players are worried about.

Limited-Time and Treasured Cosmetics

It is worth pointing out that Overwatch 2 has these cool limited-time cosmetics. These are like rare treasures you can only get during special events or from loot boxes. People love them because they’re unique and show off their dedication to the game. But now, with Overwatch 2, some of these special items are vanishing. Imagine saving up for something special and then poof! It’s gone. This makes players wonder if these special items are really worth it and if they might disappear in the future.

People are talking about this issue, but there’s a twist. Some players say their missing Overwatch 2 cosmetics are completely gone, while others claim their friends can still see them. This puzzle makes it seem like the problem might not affect everyone the same way. Maybe it’s more about individual situations than a massive wipeout of stuff. That said, it’s important to be careful with these stories. It is only fair for us to give the game makers a chance to look into them before we pass judgment.

Bug or On Purpose?

Now, the big question: Why is this happening? Did the game accidentally delete stuff, or did the people behind Overwatch 2 decide to take things out? Where is the missing Overwatch 2 cosmetics? It’s like wondering if your favorite flavor of ice cream ran out or if the store decided to stop selling it. Players want answers, and they hope that this isn’t something that will keep happening. It’s crucial for the game creators to talk to players and let them know what’s going on. And as of the moment of this writing, we are still awaiting Blizzard’s official response to this issue. Let’s just hope it doesn’t become a trend.


So, there you have it. Overwatch 2 players are scratching their heads over missing cosmetics. It’s not just about some virtual bling – it’s about fairness, value, and communication. Limited-time items are like prized possessions, and players want to make sure their investments matter. But before jumping to conclusions, it’s important to hear from the game developers. Whether it’s a glitch or a choice, players hope that the future of Overwatch 2 includes more transparency and fewer disappearing acts. After all, everyone just wants to enjoy the game they love without any unexpected surprises.

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