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Millennials Play More than Younger Generations

Millennials Play More than Younger Generations

    Last Updated on April 16, 2023

Fandom reported that millennials are an untapped market for video game companies. The fan-community platform conducted a study on which generation spends more time on video games. They found out that millennials play more than the younger Gen Z’s and teens.

The data also came from their annual Inside Gaming report which could help companies in the video game industry. After all, these businesses could start targeting the millennial market instead of younger gamers.

Despite teens and Gen Z spending more time gaming than they did last year, older generations of players are spending more hours per week gaming.

Fandom Compiled Data on Millennials

The global study that Fandom conducted examined gamer motivations and behavior per generation. It also found that 52% of millennials had video games as their top interests. The study also discovered that 40% spend over 22 hours of gaming per week compared to 29% of teens.

Fandom’s report indicated that age correlates to purchases with brands investing in gaming. They also reported that millennials are more likely to receive heavy influence to buy games than other users.

However, the report does not mean ignoring the younger generations, like Gen Z and teens. After all, 45% of gamers worldwide still spend more time gaming compared to last year. It’s just a fact that millennials take a large chunk of the demographic. It should also be worth noting that the study found the biggest growth in time spent gaming among teens and tweens.

It was also interesting to note that tweens liked to play more competitive games than millennials. The study found that millennials liked playing games with more intellectual stimulation, like MMOs and RPGs. Younger games love to play battle royales, MOBAs, and other games that require teamwork.

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