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Make Fun Stories with the RimWorld AI Story Generator

Make Fun Stories with the RimWorld AI Story Generator

    Last Updated on March 20, 2023

A good story generator drives any game to become a good or great game. It is this component in a video game that compels players to continue and share their experiences. Whether tragedy or triumph, in-game stories get good reception if written well. 

But as you may know, not all video games have good storytelling or writing. The story makes even a fantastic, triple-A game flop in the eyes of critics and fans, so write with caution.

Such a problem does not exist in the game called RimWorld. Marketed as a story generator, it received praise for being a unique game in the same category as Dwarf Fortress. The premise is simple: your colonists are on a plot of land and must survive and thrive. 

In their way are events and threats that can change how you play. How does RimWorld generate fun and engaging stories every time?

Infinite Variance 

The beauty of storytelling is shown well in what we call collaborative storytelling. While normal storytelling is done by one party, collaborative storytelling sees multiple parties partake. RimWorld’s storytelling AI depends on the colony’s progress to determine the events it will trigger.

The AI examines the current state, as well, adding more variance to the things that could happen. If you are having a rough time, have a chill time. Even more, if you are doing great, prepare for challenges.

This means that RimWorld has near-infinite storytelling potential. With the player’s input in check, the AI can throw anything, depending on whom the AI is. Cassandra Classic puts players on a gradual curve of challenges and events.

Phoebe Chillax takes long periods of rest between harsh challenges and events. Randy Random takes all the structure of Cassandra and Phoebe and throws them into a blender. These AIs have different methods, but all hold up well to give you a good time, or a hard time.

AI Story Generator Training Adaptability

Image of Story Generator Gameplay

Because you have three AI to choose from, this means you can learn and improve with reliability. Randy, Cass, and Phoebe give you a definite timeline of events you can predict. Though it makes the experience suffer, it means you are much prepared no matter what. 

Randy doesn’t have a pattern, thus you must be on your toes and adapt as you go. This is the hallmark experience for RimWorld newcomers to experience.

Players give themselves a handicap by refusing to advance in technology. This enables a player to be creative with approaching events like raids and attacks. Be reminded that enemies scale with your colony’s power, so slow down if your colonists aren’t strapped.

Of course, not all players like Randy, and pick Cass or Phoebe instead, which is a good thing. Having a guaranteed event pattern makes your preparation closest to perfection. The downside is that it becomes predictable quickly.

RimWorld offers a unique experience with its storyteller AI. It creates compelling situations and places a player’s skills straight into the fire. Most players can handle the hardest difficulties, but it’s fine if that’s not your speed. The game is meant to be a story generator, so do whatever you want.

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