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Mageseeker: RIOT Forge’s New Game Gets Leaked

Mageseeker: RIOT Forge’s New Game Gets Leaked

    Last Updated on January 18, 2023

South Korean game ratings committee leaks the title

Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story is a new Riot Forge game. The South Korean game ratings committee leaked it earlier this week. The story of the unannounced game, according to the leak, follows champion Sylas as he battles to protect Demacia from an unknown threat. 

Riot Games, the publisher of famous games, League of Legends, and Valorant introduce Riot Forge, the publishing name Riot Games uses for video games developed by third-party developers. It is the company behind the release of Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story. 

In 2022 Riot Forge released two titles; Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem. Riot established the company to expand the League of Legends Universe into different games. A lot of players expect the caliber of the new game to be similar to Riot Forge’s previous releases.

Who is Sylas in Mageseeker?

Sylas is the main protagonist of the game, Mageseeker. His full title is Sylas, the Unshackled – an outcast mage who fights for revolution in his home of Demacia. Sylas is one of the League’s many dark and brooding Champions. He wants to enrage Demacia by killing its citizens, enlisting children as soldiers, and widely attempting everything to overthrow the city’s monarchy. 

Certainly, he has a reason for doing all of this. To find and imprison mages or to transform mages into Mageseekers themselves, the oppressive city of Demacia employs agents known as Mageseekers. While Sylas was still a child, the Mageseekers used his talents to assist them in controlling the city’s magic before locking him up for using those talents against them.

Image of Sylas, the Unchained the Mageseeker
Via League of Legends | Riot Games

Mageseeker Release Date and Ratings

The release date of the game is unknown however, seeing that it was submitted to the gaming committee we might be expecting a launch this year. Expect nothing too dark and violent from the game because it has been rated suitable for 12-year-olds by the South Korean game ratings committee. Rating agency for video game content in South Korea. The GRAC, a governmental organization, rates video games to let users know what to expect inside.

Alongside Mageseeker, Riot Forge also announced two titles for the year 2023. Adventure game titled Song of Nunu and action-platformer Convergence starring the boy who shattered time, Ekko.

Riot Games also plan on developing other League of Legends games. This includes the fighting game called Project L. They also plan to develop a hack-and-slash action RPG called Project F, and an unnamed MMORPG. Netflix is also working on Arcane Season 2. It seems like League fans are in for a treat this year. 

From a small game to a big company, Riot outdid itself as a leading company in the industry. This marks a huge step for League fans because they have more games that may give them different experiences.

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