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M4 Match Set Highest Viewer Records for Mobile Legends

M4 Match Set Highest Viewer Records for Mobile Legends

    Last Updated on January 15, 2023

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports is well known for having a huge viewership. The M4 World Championship Series is the 4th annual world championship tournament for different teams around the globe. The series shows its global reach as it breaks the viewership record.

On the 11th of January 2023, the M4 World Championship’s upper bracket semi-final match started. It was between reigning champion Blacklist International and Indonesia’s RRQ Hoshi attracted the most viewers ever for an MLBB esports series.

According to Esports Charts, it reached 4.2 million. The best-of-five series shattered the previous record of 3.9 million viewers two years ago. It was during the M3 World Championship playoff match between ONIC PH and RRQ Hoshi. During this match, Indonesians made up the 2.4 million viewers, while the rest was the total of views during the live stream all over the world. 

Why is This Matchup Legendary?

Image of Stats from the Mobile Legends World Championship

Viewers anticipated this matchup between one of the most well-known Indonesian teams and the three-time MPL PH champion. The competition is already third in esports for the highest peak viewership. 

Alongside the continuous flow of tournament updates, players wanted to watch the stream. Whether they are new or old to the game they tune in because of interest and support. The competition will likely end up being the most well-attended esports event ever.

Both teams competed in the best-of-five match to try and win one of two spots in the upper-bracket finals, and the match did not disappoint. RRQ Hoshi won the first game successfully, but the Filipino team won the next two to reach the match point.

The 5th and final game was the most intense round, as RRQ’s Albert “Alberttt” Iskandar fought with his signature Ling pick. However, it was Tier One’s Blacklist International who won after 24 minutes of intense back-and-forth clashes and trading blows.

Mobile Legends Finals

As the Finals on January 15 approaches, fans are expecting more exciting and intense matches. Even more, teams are hungry for the championship title and are eager to win to bring home the big prize valued at $300,000. Organizers are also bracing for a massive influx of fans who will tune in to cheer on their favorite teams.

It’s unbelievable and pleasing to see an event as big as the M4 reach the top of its viewership statistics. It’s safe to say that gaming is really and has become a big part of everyone’s lives, even if they go pro or not, just knowing and being able to support the game means that the world of esports has been accepted by many.

 We hope that these kinds of events inspire more players to grind and showcase their skills, but who knows? Maybe one day you’ll be walking on top of that stage, lifting the M championship trophy.

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