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Low Xbox Participation in Tekken 8 Closed Network Test Raises Concerns

Low Xbox Participation in Tekken 8 Closed Network Test Raises Concerns

    Last Updated on August 11, 2023

The recent closed network test for Tekken 8, the highly anticipated fighting game, has shed light on a notable platform disparity among participants. With a total of 77,853 players taking part in the test, the numbers unveil a very curious difference in representation. While PlayStation 5 drew a huge count of 43,721 players, the Xbox Series X|S consoles only managed a modest 6,627 participants. Furthermore, the Steam version attracted 27,505 players. Thus, emphasizing the significantly low Tekken 8 Xbox participation.

Low Xbox Participation: Statistics and Analysis 

The numbers taken from the Tekken 8 closed network test indeed show that Xbox players were underrepresented. This raises the question: what factors led to this trend? One potential factor is the overwhelming dominance of other platforms, particularly in the Japanese market. Japanese gamers have historically shown a preference for homegrown brands, which likely led to the fewer number of Xbox players in the test.

Low Xbox Participation: Statistics and Analysis 

Xbox’s journey in establishing a solid presence in the Japanese gaming market is truly full of challenges. Microsoft’s acknowledgment of a substantial 24-1 lead for PlayStation in the country underscores the uphill battle Xbox faces. To truly understand this, it’s important to delve into the cultural nuances and deeply entrenched consumer preferences within Japanese society. These factors can significantly shape players’ choices and contribute to the stark platform disparity seen in the closed network test.

Contextualizing the Data from the Low Tekken 8 Xbox Participation

It’s important to tread carefully when interpreting these numbers. While some might be tempted to declare that Japan has an inherent aversion to Xbox, it’s crucial to avoid sweeping generalizations and rely on substantial evidence. The limited Xbox participation in the Tekken 8 closed network test isn’t a declaration of animosity. Many believe it to be a manifestation of intricate market dynamics and consumer inclinations. Grasping these factors is vital for comprehending the formidable challenges Xbox faces in making inroads into the Japanese gaming landscape.


Bandai Namco’s Tekken 8 closed network test has offered a valuable glimpse into the platform preferences of players, particularly in the Japanese market. It is worth noting that the numbers revealing low Xbox participation aren’t indicative of a blanket “hatred.” But rather, it is a reflection of the intricate interplay between cultural preferences. Also, market dynamics and established brand loyalties. As Xbox navigates its path in the Japanese gaming industry, understanding and addressing these factors will be pivotal in bridging the platform disparity gap and carving a meaningful space in the hearts of Japanese gamers.

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